The Library is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Halloween writing contest. This was our 14th year in conducting this contest, and we had nearly 100 entries. Over twenty area schools were represented, including the homeschool community.  Several teachers even incorporated this into their curriculum, having the entire class submit entries. We are pleased to have this sort of support among the educational community.

As librarians, we know the importance of reading and developing a child’s reading skills, especially through hands-on, active learning opportunities. Having a child create an original story or poem promotes the advancement of those skills.

Grades 1-3

First Place Poetry Winner – “A Halloween Limerick” by Kay Mayer, Age 6 Homeschool, Villa Hills, KY, Grade 1
Second Place Poetry Winner:   “A Witch has a Black Hat” by Alexandra Mechlin, Age 8 Ryland Heights Elementary, Grade 3                                                                
Third Place Poetry Winner: “Haunted School” by Lilly Hunt, Age 7 St. Anthony School, Grade 2                                                                                                            

First Place Prose Winner –
Being Watched” by Joseph Mayer, Age 8 Homeschool, Villa Hills, KY, Grade 3
Second Place Prose Winner: “A Scary Romance” by Ruth Maier, Age 7 Blessed Sacrament School, Grade 2                                             
Third Place Prose Winner:
“Hook!” by Iris Laile, Age 7 Prince of Peace, Grade 2

Grades 4-6

First Place Poetry Winner – Halloween is in the Air” by Jasmine Barczak, Age 10 Blessed Sacrament School, Grade 5  
Second Place Poetry Winner: “Til the Night was Right” by Jacque Matherne Holy Cross Elementary, Grade 5                                                              
Third Place Poetry Winner:
“Blood is Red” by Chris Roberdeaux Holy Cross Elementary, Grade 5                                                              

First Place Prose Winner –
 “The Harp” by Ashley Nordman, Age 11 Beechwood School, Grade 6                                                                                                                                                
Second Place Prose Winner: “The Spooky Spelling Bee” by Katrina Rolfsen, Age 11 Turkey Foot Middle School, Grade 6
Third Place Prose Winner:
“The Spooky Sleepover” by Mary Meyer Holy Cross Elementary, Grade 5

Grades 7-12 Poetry & Prose

First place:              Vengeance” by Kelsey Bauer, Age 13 Twenhofel Middle School, Grade 8
Second place:          “The Eerie Day” by Natalie Frederick, Age 13 Prince of Peace Montessori, Grade 8
Third place:             “I Found You” by Meredyth Duke, Age 12 Turkey Foot Middle School, Grade 7
Fourth place:          “Out and About” by Casey Fulton, Age 13 Holy Family Covington School, Grade 8


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