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March Mania Book Tournament


February 26th – April 1st; brackets available Feb 1st-26th

March Madness is approaching, but why should basketball fans have all the fun?!  32 of best Adult/YA books of 2016 will go head to head in a battle to crown a book champion.
Fill out a bracket to predict the winners and a chance to win a grand prize.  Brackets are due to the library by February 26th via email or handed to a Reference desk.

Then vote for the round victors to enter for the weekly raffle prize.

Submit your brackets or questions to

Round 1:  Vote for Select Sixteen February 26- March 4  –>  Round One Matchups

Round 2:  Vote for Exclusive Eight March 5 – 11  –>  Round Two Matchups

Round 3:  Vote for the Fantastic Four March 12 – 18  –>  Round Three Matchups
Round 4:  Vote for the Terrific Two March 19 – 25 –>  Round Four Matchups
Championship Round:   Vote for the 2015 March Mania Book Tournament Champion March 26- April 1  –> Final Championship Match


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Hot Audiobooks from Hoopla & Overdrive

Best Enemies
by Jane Heller
read by Rachel Fulginiti

Amy Sherman has a nice apartment in Manhattan, a good job as publicity director at a publishing company, and a decent social life. Then she runs into Tara Messer, prom queen and Amy’s ex-best friend. It’s been four years since Tara stole Amy’s fiancé, and Amy swore she’d stop playing second fiddle to spotlight-hog Tara. Or so she thought. Tara, now married to the man who broke Amy’s heart, is a lifestyle guru with her own book deal-and Amy gets tapped to be her publicist. When Amy enlists a commitment-phobic mystery writer as the pawn in her game of payback, she stumbles on the surprising truth about Tara’s lifestyle and her own fears about falling in love.


Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution
by Zak George

The Complete Guide to Raising the Perfect Pet with Love.  Celebrity dog trainer, YouTube sensation, and Animal Planet star Zak George presents a next-generation guide that uses his infectiously energetic style to teach dog-lovers everything they need to know about raising and training their unique pup.

Hidden Figures

by Margot Lee Shetterly
read by Robin Miles

The phenomenal true story of the black female mathematicians at NASA whose calculations helped fuel some of America’s greatest achievements in space.

How to Party With an Infant

by Kaui Hart Hemmings
read by Joy Osmaski
The new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Descendants—a hilarious and charming story about a quirky single mom in San Francisco who tiptoes through the minefields of the “Mommy Wars” and manages to find friendship and love.
When Mele Bart told her boyfriend Bobby she was pregnant with his child, he stunned her with an announcement of his own: he was engaged to someone else.

by Min Jin Lee
read by Allison Hiroto

A new tour de […]

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Welcome to Brown Town…Decorating out of the Dark

My family and I just moved into a new house. Initially we thought, “hey, this is the first house we’ve lived in where we don’t have to do anything.” What do they say – famous last words?


The house we moved into has good bones. However, despite the large windows, it is so dark inside. The previous owner, though lovely, had a very different decorating style than we do.

We are more “beach chic.” By this I mean we like lighter blues, greens, white, with a pop of color here and there. Pictured below is the same living room as above but with a completely different feel. Ditto with the dining room.

The house we purchased though is about the furthest thing from beach chic. For one, it’s a Tudor. Now I don’t know about you, but I rarely see Tudors on my beach vacations.  The rooms all had dark paint, dark wood windows and dark brown hardwood floors. Knowing our style, a book that caught my eye is Pale & Interesting: Decorating with Whites, Pastels and Neutrals for a Welcoming Home. If you are a fan of either Shabby Chic or HGTV’s Fixer Upper, this book seems to be a blend of those two styles.


That being said, we will work with what we have. We have only been in the house since last September. The main focus has to been to paint. Out of curiosity, I searched the phrase “paint your home” on the Library’s card catalog. Nearly 40 titles popped up! Some are new and some are older but all can provide some inspiration.

As of this writing, nearly every room in the house with exception of the kitchen has been repainted. However, I am really […]

Download 2017 Grammy Award Winners Today

Adele – 25

Album of the Year





Cage the Elephant – Tell Me I’m Pretty

Best Rock Album





Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media





Sturgill Simpson – A Sailor’s Guide to Earth

Best Country Album






21 Pilots – Blurryface
Best Pop Duo/Group Performance





Best Rap Song





HooplaDigital Full List of Winners

Freegal List of Winners

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Harry Potter Wedding

How to Plan a Harry Potter Wedding
Andrew and I were deeply and irrevocably committed from our first meeting—to our deep and abiding love for Harry Potter that is.

I knew with a kitschy wedding theme that I would have to tread carefully. I wanted my wedding to be fun, and have our personalities stamped front and center—yet not have the theme take away from the point of the day. We were there, for the most part, for a wedding. In the ceremony itself, the only aspect of HP that I implemented was our recessional song as we walked out of the church. As the instrumental song Hedwig’s Theme soared from the speakers, I heard appreciative chuckles from the audience. But ultimately, I did it for me. I would strongly recommend NOT allowing any part of the fandom into your ceremony/reception that you aren’t in love with. If you are only implementing a prop/song/food into your big day for the sake of fandom purity—please give yourself a break. The day is not meant to celebrate Harry Potter or Dr. Who or Star Wars. It is to celebrate you, so pick what you want.
The Reception

The entire dinner (an hour) was all instrumental music from the soundtracks to the many Harry Potter movies. My fiancé, sister, and I listened to all 7 soundtracks and picked our favorite songs by hand. That is dedication. Afterwards, it was music to make people dance.

Candy Bar/Punch Table

Our candy bar was inspired by Honeydukes, a candy shop in the Harry Potter books. We had golden snitches by adding wings to Ferrero Rocher chocolate covered hazelnuts. We had Twizzlers that were licorice wands. There was Double Bubble that played as Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum. […]

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Courting of Ginny Hilton


Hail February, the month of roses and lace and stamps on Valentine cards; a prime time for a story of Northern Kentucky Love!

Here’s one: Bernard Wright Southgate Jr., son of Bernard Wright Southgate Sr. and Lallie Kennedy, married Virginia D. Hilton on the 17th of September in 1929.

Romantic, I suppose, if a bit dry. One can sit at any of our computers and find that information on for free, like I just did.


However, what Ancestry doesn’t have is much more interesting. Now available on geNKY, the Southgate courtship letters tell a much more relatable tale. Virginia Southgate (at the time, a Hilton) kept all the letters Bernard sent her through their extensive five-year courtship, even as they both attended school and changed residences. Even though we can only hear his half of the conversation, we have a unique look into the fancies and follies between postmarks and biographical milestones.

The first letter is dated the 11th of May, in 1924, from Buffalo, West Virginia, and in it, he writes that he was surprised to receive her letter. It is quite possible (and in fact, likely, from the way he describes her personality in his future notes) that Virginia wrote first.  He does tell us she even illustrated her letters! Unfortunately, we do not possess any of those, though there are a few doodles to be seen at the bottom corner of some pages, like a Tokyo sunrise, and a black cat in a dark cellar at midnight. Bernard is modest about his artistic talents.

Virginia, or, as he refers to her, “Ginny”,  starts out in her family home at 15 Calhoun St., in Cincinnati, which is now a parking lot. Most of his letters are addressed […]

Hot Reads February

Universal Harvester by John Darnielle
Jeremy works at the counter of Video Hut in Nevada, Iowa. It’s a small town—the first “a” in the name is pronounced ay—smack in the center of the state. This is the late 1990s, pre-DVD, and the Hollywood Video in Ames poses an existential threat to Video Hut. But there are regular customers, a predictable rush in the late afternoon. It’s good enough for Jeremy: It’s a job; it’s quiet and regular; he gets to watch movies; he likes the owner, Sarah Jane; it gets him out of the house, where he and his dad try to avoid missing Mom, who died six years ago in a car wreck.

But when Stephanie Parsons, a local schoolteacher, comes in to return her copy of Targets, starring Boris Karloff—an old movie, one Jeremy himself had ordered for the store—she has an odd complaint: “There’s something on it,” she says, but doesn’t elaborate. Two days later, Lindsey Redinius brings back She’s All That, a new release, and complains that there’s something wrong with it: “There’s another movie on this tape.”

So Jeremy takes a look. And indeed, in the middle of the movie the screen blinks dark for a moment and She’s All That is replaced by a black-and-white scene, shot in a barn, with only the faint sounds of someone breathing. Four minutes later, She’s All That is back. But there is something profoundly disturbing about that scene; Jeremy’s compelled to watch it three or four times. The scenes recorded onto Targets are similar, undoubtedly created by the same hand. Creepy. And the barn looks a lot like a barn just outside of town.

Jeremy doesn’t want to be curious. In truth, it freaks him […]

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Information Literacy – Telling Fact from Fiction

As a former teen librarian, I enjoyed visiting local high schools to teach them about all of the great library resources they could access on their smart phones. I also partnered with teachers to introduce students to library databases, often when large projects or reports were assigned, to help students navigate the often intimidating research process. The lessons always started with an interesting discussion opened by the following question – when you teacher gives you a project or essay, where do you begin your research?

Instantly, students would immediately point to Google, Facebook, or Wikipedia (even “advanced” classes). All fine first steps, but then the next question was the stumper – how do you know what you’re finding is true? That’s often when discussion came to a grinding halt.

A popular stereotype I’ve heard in my travels around the state is, “Young people grew up with computer – they don’t need this education! Kids are tech savvy!”

While we may be living in a golden age of technological innovation and access to information, the down side is that we are all bombarded with a constant stream of information that pours in through tv, radio, print media – but most insidiously, through social media Now more than ever, children and adults of all ages need to not only become savvier information “consumers” but also build strong information habits – it is essential to survival in this “Age of Information”.

To be clear, information literacy is not censorship, nor is it political. To be information literate is an outcome of critical thinking; a key skill that is gaining more attention in the field of early childhood education, as seen through projects such as Mind in the Making. To quote the […]

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February Winter Read


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Galentine’s Day at the Library

Attention world, Galentine’s Day is fast approaching! You may have already marked the occasion on your calendar or you may be scratching your chin in confusion at this turn of phrase. For those that have not already embraced this beautiful land mermaid of a holiday let me give you a brief history. 


A little show known as “Parks and Recreation” let it be known to all us mere mortals that Galentine’s Day would forever and always be February 13th; otherwise known as the day before Valentine’s Day. Traditionally, the second week of February has been devoted to celebrating romantic love but the glory of Leslie Knope’s creation is that it celebrates the awesomeness of female friendships. Our gal pals are with us all year long. They listen to us complain, they shoulder our tears, they dance it out with us, and they make us laugh harder than is probably healthy. Why haven’t we already been celebrating them!? 




This year you can celebrate with us! The Erlanger Branch Library is having a Galentine’s Day celebration February 7th at 7:00 PM. We’ll be making our BFFs Galentine’s Day cards, watching the two hilarious Galentine Day episodes of Parks and Rec as well as stuffing our faces with waffles at our waffle bar. 




After you hang out with us at Erlanger you can wander over to the Durr Branch on the actual Galentine’s Day, February 13th, for a full day of galentine shenanigans. Starting at 11:00 AM with everyone’s favorite meal: brunch with (you guessed it) waffles! Movies will be playing through the afternoon with an enviable array of crafting choices until 4:30 PM when you’ll be able to paint ceramic dessert plates, followed by an appetizer aficionado’s dream cooking […]