OneClickdigital provides access to many always available audiobooks as well as bestsellers for adults, teens and children.



Audio Books can be checked out for up to 14 days.

Up to 10 books can be checked out with your Library card.

Click “Add to Wishlist” to request a book that is checked out.  It will be automatically checked out to you when it is available and you will receive an email.  You can have up to 5 requests for books.  You can renew twice for 7 days if no one is waiting for the books.

Audio Books can be renewed.

2014 Second Quarter Always Available Audiobooks 

2014 First Quarter Always Available Audiobooks for Children

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At this time you cannot create an account within the apps.  Please create your account from within a browser.

oneclickContact the Library or contact OneClickdigital directly for technical support.

Support is available via phone: (877-77-AUDIO / 877-772-8346)
Support is available via email: 



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