Overdrive is our largest collection of ebooks.  They work great with most ebook readers including the kindle.  You can also send all kindle compatible ebooks to your kindle app on your tablet.  You’ll use your Amazon account to help make this magic happen.  Find out more below on the “My Help” section of the Overdrive website.





Checking Out Overdrive eBooks

Books can be checked out for 14 or 28 days.
Books may be returned early.

You can have 20 books checked out per account.  Y0u may also have up to 20 holds.

You have 3 days to check out your hold after you receive the email notice that it is available.

Titles may be renewed.  The renew option is displayed with three days of your due date.

If you have fines in excess of $10.00 you cannot checkout an Overdrive eBook.

My Help – Customized help for your computer or device.

Help Videos

Compatible Devices List

Lending Policy – Learn how many books you can have checked out and for how long.

Email us, we can help.

How do I return a book early?  kindle / EPUB

Why we don’t have more ebooks?
You may have noticed that some of your favorite authors are not available in eBook format.We can buy a printed copy of pretty much any title and lend it out for as long as we choose. The same is not true for the digital copy. Digital content is treated differently by the publishers and companies who manage the digital content.We want to purchase and lend you books from all of the publishers but at this time, we are unable to do so.
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