AIDS Volunteers of Northern Kentucky

The AIDS Volunteers of Northern Kentucky (AVNK) was a nonprofit organization founded in 1990 to assist individuals in Northern Kentucky affected by HIV/AIDS. The collection is comprised of the organizational records from 1990-1999.  This collection is available at the Covington Branch of the Kenton County Public Library.

Baker Hunt Collection

The Baker-Hunt collection contains numerous documents relating to the history of the Baker and Hunt families, the history and activities of the Foundation and the history of Covington and Northern Kentucky more generally.

Emma Lee Orr

Oral histories and photos of a woman from Northern Kentucky who braved Alaska from 1903 until 1917.

Faces & Places Photograph Collection

A large collections of photographs from Northern Kentucky and the surrounding area.

Family Files Index

Family Files contain information that other genealogical researchers have found on a particular family.

Library Artwork

Browse Library artwork including Frank Duveneck, Leon Lippert and Dixie Selden.

Local History Files

Local History Files may include newspaper clippings, brochures and pamphlets,  original written histories or published historical works.


Historical maps of Northern Kentucky

National Lieutenant Governors Association Archives

Northern Kentucky Writers

A collection of short biographical sketches of writers from Northern Kentucky.

Oral Histories

Listen to interesting oral history interviews from Northern Kentucky people.

William Longstreet Diaries

William Longstreet Diaries Collection consists of William Longstreet’s diaries, covering the years 1931 and 1933-1942, and .Excerpts from the Diaries of William Longstreet, Sr., 1931-1933 thru 1942. extracted and compiled for family members by William Longstreet III in June 2000. The volume includes photocopies of selected diary pages covering various dates and events.

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