I have had my Kenton County Public Library card for as long as I can remember.  I’d like to think that I got it as soon as I could write my name, which is when I encourage my kids to get their own cards.  My library card has probably been used more than any card in my wallet, and has most definitely saved our family more money than any card in my wallet.  It’s not just about taking books out from the library for myself either…my library card has done so much more for my whole family.  It’s a key to learning, entertainment, self-help, running my household and more.  I spend a lot of time at my local library, the Covington Branch of the Kenton County Public Library, and use my card frequently to help my family grow and learn and enjoy life.

Here are just a few of the ways my library card has improved our lives or helped me save money:

  • Education – Not only do we find all kinds of resources at the Library when my children have reports or projects for school, but the librarians have also steered me towards the perfect books for my children to read. This is especially helpful when you need to find a book for a child who is not interested in learning to read, or is struggling to read.  There have been many times where the fabulous Children’s librarians at the Covington branch have helped me to find that one book that would work as a hook get my kids excited about reading.  Or helped me to find a book that was simple to read for a beginner, but wasn’t dull like some  easy readers can be.     

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  • Cooking – I am a huge fan of menu planning. I believe that planning a menu for dinner each week has saved my      family money and saved me from stress. But I get bored cooking the same things each week, and I have a family of picky-ish eaters, so I am always looking for new, healthy recipes that the whole family will love. I don’t like to go out and buy cookbooks unless I know I am going to love them, because it’s just too expensive to do that.  So I check cookbooks out of the library (they have ohhhhh so many to choose from) and then I hold on to them as long as I can, trying as many recipes as I can before I have to return them.  I can usually tell right away if I love the cookbook or if it’s a dud. I love being able to review them first before actually purchasing them!  And finding new recipes helps me make great menu plans, which saves me from falling into the trap of just ordering pizza for dinner because I don’t know what to cook.
  • Car Care, Home Repairs, Etc – Another great money-saving resource at the library is all of the books they have that can help you “Do It Yourself” at home.  Our family saves so much money because my husband works on our cars himself when he can.  He has gone to the library numerous times for books about our cars. We’ve also gotten other books about fixing things around the house. 
  • Travel – Kenton County Library is the first place I go when I’m planning a trip. They have so many great travel books and guides!  I found several wonderful resources when planning our trip to Siesta Key & Disney World last year. But it’s not just the guide books that helped me on this trip….I also checked out books, DVD’s and Playaway Views to entertain the kids on the long drive. If you haven’t seen  a Playaway View yet, check them out! They are AWESOME entertainment for the kids because they are handheld devices that they can watch videos on.  KCPL has quite a collection of these,      including many popular children’s stories and quite a few educational videos that are perfect for the school age kids. 

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  • Movies – Ok, it’s a guilty pleasure, but we don’t have cable because it’s just too expensive, so I frequently check out movies from the library.  We may be a few seasons behind everyone else who has cable, but I love getting my favorite shows from the library!

scheper kids 3So these are just a few examples of how my library card saves me time, money and sanity.  Aside from all these wonderful ways I utilize my library card, I also like just hanging out at the Covington Library, it’s a peaceful haven for my family to spend time reading, playing games, chatting with people or going to one of the awesome programs they have going on.  You can read more reasons for my love for the Children’s Department at the Covington Library in this Little Things Blog post.  So there you have it.  I adore my library and couldn’t imagine what our life would be like without a library card in my wallet.

Why do you love your library card? 

Katie S. is an avid reader and constant visitor to the Kenton County Public Library.  She is a former preschool teacher with a Master’s Degree in Education with a focus on Language and a mother of four young children who were read to from the time they were born and are being raised to appreciate good literature.  Katie spends her time helping at her children’s schools, avoiding housework, creating note cards for her “Cards by Katie” Etsy Shop and blogging at The Little Things Blog and Family Friendly Cincinnati

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