Top 10 Sanity Savers for Your Next Family Road Trip

My husband and I always debate on who gets to drive.  Yes, who gets to drive.  Normally neither one of us is a big fan of driving, but on a long road trip the driver gets a break while the co-pilot serves a cabin full of cranky travelers.  So, since I usually end up as co-pilot I’ve created a quick list of sanity savers.

1.  eBooks  & Traditional Print Books (read-a-loud from Blio)

Of course I always start with books!  I bring a wide selection of traditional and ebooks.  Lift-the-flap books are always great for young children.  I have a lot of the Little People Lift the Flap books and they were a hit with my son and now my daughter loves them.



2.  Colored Pencils and a Drawing Pad

I always like to use colored pencils instead of crayons for the car.  The last thing I want to find is a melted crayon in my carpet and with colored pencils you don’t have to worry about that issue.  Crayola has a twistable colored pencil that never needs sharpening.

3.  Plastic Bags

Ah, my guilty pleasure is a zipper bag.  If you have an earth friendlier bag I heartily endorse it.  However, I use these things like crazy on a road trip.  Practically everything goes into a bag.  I do try to reuse them whenever possible.

4.  Fruits & Veggies

Since I let them sit in front of a screen for hours I try not to give in to the junk food monster on our road trips.  Using plastic bags or containers I make fruit, veggie and nut snacks.  I figure we’ll be eating enough ice cream when we get to our destination!  We can go healthy on our way there and back.

5.  Small Box

I like to use a small box to contain all their toys, pencils and papers.  It seems to make it easier to find stuff instead of me having to dig through their backpacks.  The boxes I use also can fold flat if you need to get them out of the way.


6.  Movies!

Stop by the Library for movies movies movies!  You can check out up to 10 DVDs per Library card.  I usually take the DVDs out of the plastic cases and put them in a portable flip case so that they are easier to manage.  If you don’t have a dvd player you can borrow a Playaway View  from the library.  We have many fun and educational titles.


7.  Picnic

Find a nice rest stop or park to stop and have a picnic.  After sitting for hours it gives your kids a chance to run around and explore while you get lunch ready.

8.   Audio Books

If you or your children get motion sickness from reading you may want to try an audio book.  This can be a great way for the entire family to follow along to a story or pop in own earbuds and listen to a book on your phone.  *Secret mom tip – close your eyes and pretend like you’re asleep and you may be left alone for up to five minutes.

9.  Music

Use Freegal to create a fab playlist for your family.  We have lots of kid friendly songs in our collection as well as radio edits of many popular albums available for older children.

10.  Fun
Don’t forget to bring the fun!  One of my funniest memories of a certain notorious reality TV mother of 8 children was when they were at an amusement park and she screams at them “WE’RE MAKING MEMORIES”!  Whenever I start to get irritated I think about that scene and laugh.  So, get out there and make some memories.

One final note, just remember…


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