1.  Fsatireacebook may start labeling satirical posts so users don’t think they’re real, but you know who has been dedicated to information literacy and teaching students how to objectively evaluate information? Librarians.



Write-On2.  Are you a teacher looking for extra credit ideas? Some teachers include attending events at the library.

a. Covington has Write On!, a teen writers group, Sunday, September 7 at 2pm.

b.  Durr/Independence has Teen Crafternoon, an art program with lots of fun supplies.

c.  Erlanger has STEAM Explorers, whose meeting on Thursday, November 20, 2014, 7 – 8pm  will be all about computer programming with the Scratch! programming method. 
d.  …and tons more at each location!

3.  Do you want your students to research current topics and events from multiple angles? The Opposing Viewpoints database lets users browse issues to explore different positions on topics.

4.  Have an activity or assignment that takes up about half a class period? The librarian can take the other half!

5.  KCPL has an AWESOME* and FREE database you can get to from any computer with internet access and a KCPL Library Card that has all kinds of test prep: ACT, AP, SAT… You create a free account in the database and can stop and come back to their timed practice tests at any time. The tests are also scored, including explaining why answers are correct. A librarian can come and show your students all about this service, or if possible, we can arrange to have you visit our on-site computer labs and get library cards.

intermission-monty-python-o6.  In most situations, a visiting public librarian does not mind if you leave for a few minutes to have your own bathroom break.




7.  If you teach in Kenton County, you can get a KCPL teacher card, no matter where you live. With a teacher card, you can check out more, and we will automatically renew items for you! Teacher card info link


9.  Teen librarian visiting your class=individualized readers advisory to teens who might not get to the library to find them something they are interested in reading.

10.  Classroom library—important and they choose the books.

Oh-Yes-its-FREE-iStock*Yes, I just called a database awesome. That’s not librarian hyperbole, that’s a service the public library provides so students don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars getting ready for a test.




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