The Kenton County Library is planning for 2015!

2015_erlanger_floorsA new year brings new opportunities for any organization and the Library is no exception.  One of the biggest changes patrons will see in the coming year is the renovation of the Erlanger Branch.  The branch has been open for over 12 years and has seen foot traffic of more than 5.5 million visitors.  As you can imagine, this puts a lot of wear and tear on the building.  A number of the chairs in the building have already been replaced and refinished.  Currently, many of the floor coverings are also being replaced.  This includes all of the carpets in the building.  Can you imagine a carpet that has been walked on by the feet of over 5.5 million people?  We are replacing some of the carpeting with industrial squares that will be more durable and more easily replaced.  Other high traffic areas will be replaced with rubber tile.  These two fixes will give a new and fresh look to the building and cut down dramatically on trip hazards.  Later in the year we hope to be able to paint the interior of the building.

The Library will also be working on meeting the goals of its strategic plan.  In 2015, we will be focusing on three major initiatives.  Our Children’s Departments and Outreach Department will be focusing on increasing attendance at programs that promote early childhood literacy which is so important to our families and community.  Currently our staff visit practically every public, private and parochial school in the county.  We will be working diligently to increase these visits and encourage students to use our traditional and online materials in their school work.  We will also be working to offer more learning opportunities for our senior citizens – the fastest growing demographic in the county.  Part of these endeavors will include conducting periodic surveys of our patrons to see how we are doing and to ask for suggestions.  I encourage you to participate in these surveys whenever you can.

Finally, 2015 marks the Bicentennial of the city of Covington.  You will find many learning opportunities throughout the year at all of our locations – especially at our Kentucky History and Genealogy Department at the Covington Branch.  Please check our online calendar for many great programs.   Much of the research for the book was conducted at the Library and many of the photographs are from the Library’s collection.

Listen to the story on WVXU:  Covington’s Bicentennial: the celebration plans and the first comprehensive history of the city

We are looking forward to a great 2015. Keep an eye on us – we have a growing collection of traditional and e-materials, our educational opportunities are always expanding and our outreach to schools, the homebound, daycares and senior living facilities will continue to grow.  Your Library is on the move!

-Director Dave Schroeder

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