nick walking deadIf your family is like mine, they want to look exactly like the character they plan to be for Halloween. With these tips from our on-staff makeup artist, you and your family can look great for Halloween.

  1. Research your character and have some pictures to refer to.  Your makeup will look best if you know what it is you’re doing.
  2. Set up your area- Put down newspaper or disposable tablecloth down to protect your workspace.
  3. Prep your skin- A good makeup artist washes her hands first.  The skin of the person you’re applying makeup to should also be cleansed with soap and water.  This will ensure that the makeup lasts all night.
  4. Tools of the trade- the basic tools needed for makeup application are: Latex sponges, q-tips, black eyeliner, cream makeup in a variety of colors, translucent powder, inexpensive makeup brushes.
  5. Start with the base coat, apply in gentle patting motions all over face and down neck.  Cover any areas that will be exposed by the costume.
  6. Contour your subject.  Vampires, zombies, witches and the like have sunken features.  Use dark grey/ black to create the effect under cheekbones, eyes and neck.halloween makeup suplies
  7. Powder using large brush or old clean sock filled with baby powder.  Pat lightly all over makeup to give it staying power!
  8. Add details.  Warts on your witch, rotten zombie teeth, and fangs for a vampire are necessary and will make your character more realistic.
  9. Blood guts and gore.  Make your own stage blood using corn syrup, red food coloring and glycerin.
  10. Stay in character.  Witches cackle, Vampires with an accent, zombies groan and shuffle.

Be sure to post your Halloween pictures to the Library’s Facebook page for us to see!

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