A Wynk, a Blynk, and a Nod to Books

A Wynk, a Blynk, and a Nod to Books about the Beach

Have a Ball at the Beach

In our eyes, summer isn’t complete without a trip to the beach.  Splashing in the waves, feeding seagulls, building sandcastles, collecting shells … creating memories. Prepare for that trip to the beach by sifting through some of the many new gems that you can dig up at the library.

New Books about the Beach

01abcABC Oceans
This big, colorful board book—developed with the American Museum of Natural History—features fun facts about twenty-six creatures of the ocean, with each one representing a letter of the alphabet.



02aqualiciousAqualicious by Victoria Kann
This is a splashy addition to the ever popular Pinkalicious series. Sharing a fun-filled day at the beach with her family, Pinkalicious befriends a miniature mermaid. Pinkalicious and her brother Peter promise to help the mermaid find her way home, after they show her all of the fun things to do at the seashore, from building sand castles to surfing in the ocean.


03poppyBeach Bummer by Michele Jakubowski, illus. by Erica-Jane Waters
This is another in the Perfectly Poppy beginning reader series. Poppy and her best friend Millie are at the beach, but Poppy is not having much fun because she finds the water too cold, the wind too strong, and the sand too itchy.




04beachhouseBeach House by Deanna Caswell, illus. by Amy June Bates
The author and artist convey the joy of a day spent at the ocean.



05beachcombingBeachcombing: Exploring the Seashore by Jim Arnosky
Friendly notes and detailed illustrations give kids the knowledge they need to become avid beachcombers! This is a helpful resource for young students.




06ben&zipBen & Zip: Two Short Friends by Joanne Linden, illus. by Tom Goldsmith
A tribute to friendship, boardwalks, and summer at the beach, this unique lost-and-found tale follows best friends Ben and Zip as they try to reunite after a clap of thunder during a summer rainstorm makes Zip run off in fear. The watercolor illustrations and rhyming text add humor to the story.


07caterinaCaterina and the Best Beach Day by Erin Eitter Kono
Mother and baby owl set out for the beach in hopes of seeing a whale.



08chusdayChu’s Day at the Beach
by Neil Gaiman, illus. by Adam Rex
This is the third book about Chu, the panda with a hurricane-force sneeze. In this adventure, Chu and his parents go to the beach. All is well until the little guy sneezes so forcefully that he separates the left half of the ocean from the right, making all the sea creatures very unhappy.



09drawing_oceanDrawing Ocean Animals by Abby Colich, illus. by Juan Calle
Take a dive into the deep and learn how to draw undersea creatures with these easy-to-use illustrated instructions.




10duckDuck & Goose Go to the Beach by Tad Hills
Duck wants to go on an adventure, but Goose isn’t so sure. They set out on a walk and end up at a place they’ve never been before – the beach! The simple but pleasing oil painting illustrations are delightful.



11fetchFetch by Jorey Hurley
Young readers are invited to experience the simple joy of a dog’s day at the beach. The minimal text (one word per page) and simple illustrations convey the story nicely. This is the same author who gave us Nest, which was done in similar fashion.



12fetchFish Food by Andy Mansfield, illus. by Henning Löhlein
In this book with die-cut pages and fun pop-ups, one little sea worm is about to become fish food! But he’s just the first course in this fishy meal. Pop-up spreads reveal who’s who in the underwater food chain.




13handsHands & Hearts by Donna Jo Napoli, illus. by Amy Bates
A mother and daughter spend a sunny day at the beach together. Sidebars, which are both instructive and playful, include fifteen words in American Sign Language.



14wavesIn the Waves by Lennon and Maisy Stella, illus. by Steve Björkman
This is the debut picture book by the singing duo and stars of the hit TV show Nashville. Two sisters prepare for a fun day at the beach in this sing-along adventure. The song is available for an online listen on the publisher’s site.



15outofblueOut of the Blue by Alison Jay
In this wordless picture book, a lighthouse-dwelling boy and his friend find an octopus washed up on shore, trapped in a net. They band together with some sea creatures to liberate the animal. The illustrations are done in oils with a crackling varnish giving the book a unique look.


The Storm Whale16stormwhale by Benji Davies
A young boy, on his own during the day, finds a little whale washed up on shore. He brings it home, and cares for it in the bathtub but worries about what his father will say. Together they return the whale to its proper home in the sea. This is a very poignant story with visually striking illustrations.


17splashTippy-Tippy-Tippy, Splash! by Candace Fleming, illus. by G. Brian Karas
Mr. McGreely is back and heads to the beach to avoid the pesky trio of rabbits intent on ruining his peace and quiet. But the bunnies stow away in his car so as not to miss the fun.  In the end, through teamwork, they win the sand castle building contest. The quirky rhymes and humorous illustrations make this a delightful read.



18uhohUh-Oh! by Shutta Crum, illus. by Patrice Barton
In this nearly wordless picture book, two toddlers play at the beach while their mothers lounge nearby reading. The illustrations are smudgy looking pencil sketches colored in soft pastel shades. This is a simple, easy to follow story for the youngest readers.


Favorites from the Past

All You Need for a Beach by Alice Schertle, illus. by Barbara Lavallee

At the Beach by Anne Rockwell, illus. by Harlow Rockwell

Bats at the Beach by Brian Lies

Beach by Elisha Cooper

Beach Bugs: A Sunny Pop-up Book by David A. Carter

Beach Feet by Konagaya Kiyomi, illus. by Masamitsu Saito

Biscuit’s First Beach Day by Alyssa Capucilli, illus. by Rose Mary Berlin

D.W. All Wet by Marc Brown

Eloise at the Beach by Kay Thompson

Froggy Learns to Swim by Jonathan London

Harry by the Sea by Gene Zion

A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle

I Spy Under the Sea by Edward Gibbs

I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry

Miranda’s Beach Day by Holly Keller

Otto Goes to the Beach by Todd Parr

Paddington at the Beach by Michael Bond

Penguin on Vacation by Salina Yoon

Pete at the Beach by James Dean

Senses at the Seashore by Shelley Rottner




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