There are hundreds of Valentine’s Day cards that you can buy in the store but we all know that it means more to receive a gift that someone made themselves. So, why not sit down with your child and make cards or gifts to give to classmates and loved ones? We have put together a Pinterest board filled with ideas for different crafts to make with your child. One of my favorites is the Tootsie Pop superhero Valentine, shown here. It comes with a printable template that you can use to make masks and capes for the pops.

Super Hero Lollipops | Zakka Life.   For 50 more FREE #Valentine Printables, click the image.

It is important that you find an idea that your child is excited about so that they enjoy making the gifts. Remember to consider their age and make sure they will be able to help make the gifts. Our Pinterest board has ideas for using candy, goldfish crackers, glow sticks and more! After deciding what you are going to make, prepare the supplies you will need. Make sure you set aside time to do this ahead of time because the pressure of making cards the night before Valentine’s Day will not be fun for you or your child!

Once you have the supplies you need, sit down with your child or children and allow them to do as much as they are able to do so that it feels personal to them and they feel a part of the process. They don’t need to look perfect to be the perfect Valentine gift.

Grandparents also love child-made gifts. Why not give them a special memento of their place in your child’s heart. Here’s a sweet idea from our pinterest board:

A perfect love-filled gift for your family this Valentine's day.

When it is time to pass these gifts out, your child will feel a sense of pride because they made them with help from you and it is a perfect way to spend some quality time together.

And of course, you’ll find plenty of love-ly activities at the Kenton County Libraries. Stop in for storytimes and special programs celebrating Valentine’s Day.

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