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Comprehensive Guides:
Consumer Reports Review the Electronics Section on ConsumerReports.org (Free login with your library card)
Privacy Survival Guide
For Parents: Common Sense Media
Lifehacker article: How to be more secure in one day
National Cyber Security Alliance & Data Privacy Day – January 28th

Security/virus software:
Rankings from Consumer Reports – Mobile Security Software and Security Software
Phone safety Tips Consumer Reports – How to keep your phone safe
Phone recovery tools  Example: Lookout
Android security
Article: 5 best desktop antivirus applications 5 best anti-virus apps for Android Best free anti-virus

Hopspot / Wifi security
How to minimize risk of public wifi
Tips for using public wifi
How to stay safe on public wifi
Optimizing your home wifi
Protecting your home wireless network
Video: VPN for personal data
Article: 5 best VPN security providers
Article: Free VPN providers

Two factor authentication:
Two-factor authentication: What you need to know (FAQ)
A complete list of companies that offer this security feature
Article with list of services to enable
Recommended sites to set up
Examples: Google 

Social media settings:
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse: How to be more safe on social media
Facebook Terms and Conditions  Video
Article: How to view and erase your Facebook searches

Password safety/Password Managers:
Lifehacker: 5 best password managers
PCMag: Are you using a password manager yet? best password managers
CNET: Take control of passwords
Strong password generator
Password strength test
Password managers and 2 factor authentication
Inspiration article: How easy is it to crack a password 1 & 2
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse: 10 Rules for Creating a Hacker-Resistant Password

Anti-Malware removal:
Report (2013): Best malware removal
Report(2014): Best malware removal apps
Article: Malware removal
Article: Signs your computer has Malware

Browsers and computer settings:
Article: Which Browser is Best? Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Internet Explorer
Article: Privacy and security focused browsers with tweaks for Firefox and Chrome
Article: How Google and other companies track you
Opt-out of Google Ads
Security and privacy extensions for browsers:
Article: Best adblockers and privacy extensions
Article: Best browser extensions that protect your privacy
Mozilla extensions – safety/privacy
Chrome extensions -safety/privacy (General: best Chrome extensions)
AdBlock Plus
HTTPS Everywhere (from EFF)
Privacy Badger (from EFF)

Cloud Storage:
Article: Secure your cloud storage
Article: 3 examples of cloud storage services
Research: Flaw in ‘Secure’ Cloud Storage Could Put Privacy at Risk

Reduce unwanted mail
FTC Consumer Information

Search MasterFILE for current articles from (Login with your library card):
PC World
PC Magazine

Search these subjects:
COMPUTER systems — Safety measures; SCANNING systems; COMPUTER viruses; FIREWALLS (Computer security); COMPUTER security; WINDOWS (Computer programs); COMPUTER networks; ROUTERS (Computer networks); INTERNET

Sample articles (Login to EBSCO in a seperate tab to view)

How I Cleaned Up My Passwords in 5 Weeks.
3 Cloud Storage Solutions
The Code War
The Real Privacy Problem.

Electronic Privacy Information Center (Privacy Rights Organization)
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (Has a list of all data breaches and many fact sheets)
Look up if a security or privacy threat is real. Snopes
Videos to inspire you to be safe Wifi Hotspots Online information
FBI report on scams and security
Get your annual credit reports – link from FTC.gov website
PC Mag and its Security Watch Blog   Article: Resolutions for better security
Homeland Security Tips Page
Making a Family Media Use Plan (Library Resource page)

Free online course from Gale Courses:
Introduction to PC Security
Advanced PC Security

Learn more about computers:
Learning Express
Popular Software Skills Center

Opposing Viewpoints
Cloud Computing
Technology and Society
Hackers and Hacking


iRules : what every tech-healthy family needs to know about selfies, sexting, gaming, and growing up / Janell Burley Hofmann.

It’s complicated : the social lives of networked teens / Danah Boyd.

Digital Magazines:


E-books from Overdrive:


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