Ready to get creative?  Request an item from our “DigiCart” and forget all those excuses you have been using about not having the right technology.  Our DigiCart at the Erlanger Branch has just about everything you will need to get your project started.   We’ve created a list of projects but the possibilities are endless!



1.  Create a flyer or brochure for your small business or non-profit group.  With Adobe InDesign you can create a professional piece for your business or non-profit that just might win you a new customer or a much needed grant.  We have four MacBooks that are loaded with the full Adobe CS suite.

2.  Record a podcast.  Podcasts can be a great way to get your ideas out to a wider audience.  Not sure about podcasts?  Try searching iTunes to see all of the options that exist.  If you can think of a topic, you can create a podcast.  We have a Yeti microphone that will make you sound great!

3.  Write and illustrate a children’s picture book.  Use our Wacom drawing pad and Adobe Illustrator to write and illustrate your very own children’s book for a special child in your life.  It would be a keepsake for any child.  Consider adding pictures of the child in the book and they will be so excited to receive a personalized present.

4.  Make a playlist.  Bring in your old records and record digital versions of your favorite songs that might not be available in any other format.  If you have family members who years ago recorded music give them a digital copy of their album and they will never have to worry about scratching their vinyl.

5.  Mix and share your music.  Use GarageBand to mix and share your musical masterpiece.

6.  Convert your VHS home movies.   Bring in your old home movies on VHS and convert them to an easy to play digital format using our Canopus converter.

7.   Edit your home movies.  Use iMovie or Adobe Premiere to edit your home movies.  You can edit out parts, add background music or create a short film dedicated to a family member.

8. Touch up old photographs.  Bring in your favorite photograph and use Photoshop to improve it.  The Library has many books to help you learn Photoshop.  You’ll be editing those photos like a professional in no time.

9.  Record a video.  Use the Macbook’s camera and iMovie to record yourself telling a story, giving a presentation or just clowning around.  Upload it to YouTube and create the next viral sensation.

10.  Learn new skills by asking for help.  Not sure where to begin for your new project?  We can help you.  Schedule a one-on-one appointment with an expert and you’ll be creating in no time!

Use our easy form to request time with one or more of our new tech devices.  Don’t forget you may want to also request a quiet study room if you will be recording.  



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