13 Reasons to Watch Fuller House

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13 Reasons to Watch Fuller House

By Gina Stegner


I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was to find out Fuller House, basically an extension of Full House, was being made last year. I binge watched the new show on Netflix in two days. When I heard we would find out who D.J. Tanner married, how she became single, what had happened in Kimmy Gibbler’s life, see Stephanie all grown up, hear the jokes about Michelle and see Danny, Uncle Jessy and Joey again I thought… “Have Mercy!” I grew up with Full House, my kids watched reruns. I could relate to the Tanner girls. And now, D.J. is all grown up and a mom just like me. Pretty cool.

To make it even better, Fuller House is releasing a second season on Dec. 9 on Netflix. According to TV Guide, D.J. will continue to find herself in a love triangle, Stephanie will find a weird new boyfriend and Kimmy will try to move on from her ex-husband. So why should you watch?

The 13 top reasons, in no certain order, to watch the second season of Fuller House on Netflix:

  1. Rumor has it that the New Kids on the Block will appear in at least one episode.
  2. Candace Cameron Bure (D.J. Tanner) hints that we will learn more about her and Kimmy’s kids this season.
  3. D.J. will choose between her high school sweetheart Steve and work romance Matt.
  4. D.J.’s ex-boyfriend Nelson, played by someone other than the original Nelson, will make an appearance on the show.
  5. We will finally meet Kimmy Gibbler’s brother.
  6. D.J.’s ex-best friend Kathy Santoni (also portrayed by a different actor) will make an appearance.
  7. We will meet Joey’s wife and kids.
  8. Kimmy’s brother is rumored to be Stephanie’s boyfriend (Oh Mylanta!).
  9. We get to hear the old and maybe learn some new catch phrases. Oh please!
  10. We will probably hear more light-hearted jokes about the Olsen twins who played Michelle Tanner.
  11. Uncle Jessy… need I say more.
  12. We might learn some cleaning tips from Danny.
  13. It’s a fun show that we can watch with the whole family.

I will be spending the weekend of December 9th binging on the second season of Fuller House! And all I have to say to any haters out there is; How Rude!


Note: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen won’t be joining the cast of Fuller House any time soon but you can still see them on-screen by checking out a few of their movies from the library. My obsession with Candace Cameron Bure probably stems from being about the same age and feeling like I grew up with her. You can put her movies and books on hold at the Library too.

Gina Stegner is the public relations coordinator for the Kenton County Public Library. She is also a huge fan of Full House and can probably quote more lines from the show than any one person should.

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