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92 Days of Summer Giveaways is back! #92days of summer is the length of the Kenton County Public Library Summer Reading Club – June 1-August 31 – and we will be giving prizes away every single day on our Facebook page! Summer can be an exciting adventure but many children get bored quickly. Shoot, even the adults do. So the Kenton County Public Library has you covered with our list of suggested activities and books for #92daysofsummer and giveaways for outings and fun stuff to do at home. This is a long list so print it off to hang on the fridge, mark things on your calendar or check the post often. Also be sure to check the Library Calendar of Events for additional activities.

We will also be giving away prizes EVERY SINGLE DAY of the 92 Days of Summer on our Facebook page so be sure to check it out every day. In addition to the prize listed for each day, we will give away a Reis Promotions tote bag and a free one-year subscription to Kentucky Monthly every single day.


  1. Book:  Rules of Summer
    Activity:  Ice Cream Social
    Giveaway:  Ice Cream Social Prize Pack
  2. Book:  Silly Circus Tricks
    Activity:  Sign up for camp at Circus Mojo
    Giveaway:  Free Week of Summer Camp at Circus Mojo (Valid: Week of June 6)
  3. Book:  Cincinnati Reds Legends
    Activity:  Take in a baseball game
    Giveaway:  Cincinnati Reds Ticket Vouchers
  4. Book:  Wonder Woman At Super Hero High                                                                                                                                                                                                          Activity:  Bounce into Summer at the Summer Reading Club Kickoff at all three branches                                                                                                                  Giveaway:  Superhero Book Prize Pack
  5. Book:    A Personal Tour of Shaker Village
    Activity:  Visit Shaker Village
    Giveaway:  Shaker Village admission and boat ride tickets
  6. Book:   Bluegrass Baseball: A Year in the Minor Leaques
    Activity:  Take in a ball game
    Giveaway:  Ticket vouchers for Florence Freedom Baseball Game
  7. Book:  The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden
    Activity:  Enjoy a day at the Cincinnati Zoo
    Giveaway:  Two tickets to the Cincinnati Zoo
  8. Book:  Llama Llama Sand and Sun
    Activity:  Enjoy a day at the pool
    Giveaway:  Tickets to the Beach Waterpark
  9. Book:    Little Duck Learns to Swim
    Activity:  Go swimming
    Giveaway:  Tickets to the Beach Waterpark
  10. Book:  Animal Sounds
    Activity:  Teach a child animal sounds
    Giveaway:  Two tickets to the Cincinnati Zoo
  11.  Book:  Historium
    Activity:  Go to the Durr Branch to see Jason the Great
    Giveaway:  Frazier History Museum Family Pass
  12. Book:  Scooby Doo! And the Weird Waterpark
    Activity:  Enjoy a day of sunbathing
    Giveaway:  Tickets to the Beach Water Park
  13. Book:  Security
    Activity:  Check out a local coffee house
    Giveaway:  Bean Haus Gift Card &  a copy of Security by Gina Wohlsdorf
  14. Book:    Corvette: seven generations of American High Performance
    Activity:  Check out the National Corvette Museum
    Giveaway:  Four tickets to the National Corvette Museum
  15. Book:  Curious George Discovers Space
    Activity:  Visit the Kentucky Science Museum
    Giveaway:  Tickets to the Kentucky Science Museum
  16. Book:  The Magic School Bus Explores the Senses
    Activity:  Visit CoSi
    Giveaway:  Tickets to CoSi
  17.  Book:    If you Only Knew
    Activity:  Take a walk through Mainstrasse
    Giveaway:  Bean Haus Gift Card & a copy of If You Only Knew
  18. Book:  The sweetapolita bakebook : 75 fanciful cakes, cookies, & more to make & decorate
    Activity:  Bake with the family
    Giveaway:  Witt’s End Candy Basket of Treats
  19. Book:  Night at the Museum
    Activity:  Check the book and the movie Night at the Museum out from the Library
    Giveaway:  Annual Family Pass for the Frazier History Museum
  20. Book:  Kentucky: The Bluegrass State
    Activity:  Zip line in a cave
    Giveaway:  Mega Cavern Sampler Prize Pack
  21. Book:  The River Queen                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Activity:  Cruise the Ohio River
    Giveaway:  BB Riverboats Cruise
  22. Book:    Love Monster and the Perfect Present
    Activity:  Visit Fort Thomas Central Gift Shop
    Giveaway:  Fort Thomas Central Gift Certificate
  23. Book:    The Kid Who Invented the Trampoline
    Activity:  Visit Sky Zone Trampoline Park
    Giveaway:  Sky Zone Passes
  24. Book:  Star Wars The Clone Wars
    Activity:  Stop by the Covington Library to stock up on books and movies
    Giveaway:  Bean Haus Gift Card & a copy of Star Wars the Clone Wars
  25. Book:  Ollie’s Class Trip
    Activity:  Visit the Newport Aquarium
    Giveaway Newport Aquarium Tickets
  26. Book:  Science Experiments to Blow Your Mind
    Activity:  Try some science experiments at home
    Giveaway Kentucky Science Museum
  27. Book:  Floodwaters and Flames : the 1913 Disaster in Dayton, Ohio
      Visit the Dayton History Museum
    y Dayton History Museum Passes
  28. Book:   My Super-Spy Diary
    Activity:  Visit Scallywag Tag
    Giveaway Scallywag Tag Prize Pack
  29. Book:  The Year of Billy Miller 
    Activity:  Attend storytime at the Library
    Giveaway Bean Haus Gift Card and The Year of Billy Miller
  30. Book:   Jedi Academy
    Activity:  Check all the Star Wars movies out from the Library and have a marathon
    Giveaway Star Wars Book Prize Pack, including an autographed copy of Jedi Academy
  31. Book:   Towers Falling
    Activity:  Talk with a young person about the impact of 9/11
    GiveawayTowers Falling and a Bean Haus Gift Card
  32. Book:   DIY Updos, Knots & Twists  
    Activity:  Get a day of pampering
    GiveawaySalon 602 Haircut
  33. 92_02Book:   Magic School Bus Bugs, Bugs, Bugs
    Activity:  Explore the neighborhood to see what types of bugs you can find
    GiveawayKentucky Science Center Tickets
  34. Book:   Stage Fright
    Activity:  Take in a play
    GiveawayNKU Theater Tickets
  35. Book:   The secret of golf : the story of Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus
    Activity:  Go golfing
    GiveawayDevou Park Golf Passes
  36. Book:   Gateway to Freedom
    Activity:  Visit the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
    GiveawayNational Underground Railroad Freedom Center Passes
  37. Book:   Galapagos George
    Activity:  Visit Munch the tortoise and the fish at the Durr Branch Library
    GiveawayKentucky Science Museum
  38. Book:    Nintendo video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto
    Activity:  Visit Gameworks
    GiveawayGameworks Passes
  39. Book:    Book of Why Awesome Animal Kingdom
    Activity:  Attend the “Animals at the Library” program at the Durr Branch
    GiveawayAnimal Books Prize Pack
  40. Book:    Experiments with Forces
    Activity:  Attend the Kendama Demo with Jake Fischer at the Erlanger Branch
    GiveawayKentucky Science Museum Passes
  41. Book:  The Wonderful World of a Videogame Designer
    Activity:  Have friends over for a videogame marathon
    GiveawayGameworks Passes
  42. Book:   Weather
    Activity:  Create snowflakes, leaves, flowers and a sun out of construction paper
    GiveawayKentucky Science Museum Ticket
  43. Book:    History of Covington, Kentucky through 1865
    Activity:  Take a Licking Riverside Historic Walking Tour today at the Covington Branch
    GiveawayAnnual Family Pass to Frazier History Museum
  44. Book:    The League and the Lantern
    Activity:  Have a scavenger hunt at a local park
    GiveawayThe League and the Lantern and Bean Haus Gift Card
  45. Book:    The Cooks Illustrated Cookbook
    Activity:  Have dinner at Texas Roadhouse
    GiveawayTexas Roadhouse Gift Card
  46. Book:     This is America Charlie Brown
    Activity: Check out a few Peanuts books and movies from the Library for a family night
    GiveawayFrazier History Museum Family Annual Pass
  47. Book:     Legendary Locals of Louisville 
    Activity:  Explore downtown Louisville
    GiveawayKentucky Science Center Tickets
  48. Book:    Disney’s Children’s Favorites
    Activity:  Have a party as your favorite Disney characters
    GiveawayScallywag Tag Prize Pack
  49. Book:  Hilo Saving the Whole Wide World
    Activity:  Visit a local comic book store
    GiveawayBean Haus gift card and Hilo Saving the Whole Wide World
  50. Book:    American Farm to Table Simple Delicious Recipes Celebrating Local Farmers
    Activity:  Go to a farmer’s market
    GiveawayKroger Gift Card
  51. Book:     Where Nobody Knows Your Name: Life in the Minor Leagues of Baseball
    Activity:  Take in a minor league baseball game
    GiveawayDayton Dragons Prize Pack
  52. 92_03Book:   The BFG
    Activity:  See The Big Friendly Giant or another movie at AMC
    GiveawayAMC Gift Card & BFG pin and bookmarks
  53. Book:    The Authentic History of Cincinnati’s Chili
    Activity:  Enjoy lunch at Skyline
    GiveawaySkyline Gift Card
  54. Book:    Badlands
    Activity: Participate in the Cincinnati Escape Room with your friends or family
    GiveawayBadlands and Bean Haus Gift Card
  55. Book:  Let’s Play
    Activity: Attend a local art class
    GiveawayArt Book Prize Pack
  56. Book:  Sesame Street Let’s Cook
    Activity: School age kids attend Yummy and Healthy Snack You Can Make program at Erlanger
    GiveawayKroger Gift Card
  57. Book: The Berenstain Bears Summer Family Fun
    Activity: Attend Kenton County Parks Wild Wednesdays – The Water Show. The Kenton County Public Library will provide a water slide!
    GiveawayThe Beach Waterpark Tickets
  58. Book:   The Cincinnati Sound
    Activity: Listen to live music at a local venue
    GiveawayLocal Musician CD Prize Pack
  59. Book:   Missing Pieces
    Activity: Share bestselling books and authors with the whole family
    yBest Sellers (authors/books) prize pack
  60. Book:   Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
    Activity:  School age children are invited to attend Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Release Party at the Covington Branch
    GiveawayAMC Movie Gift Card
  61. Book:   Shrill
    Activity: Visit a local comedy club
    GiveawayShrill and a Bean Haus Gift Card
  62. Book:   A New Benchmark in Cincinnati
    Activity:  Spend the day at Devou Park taking in the Cincinnati Skyline
    GiveawaySkyline Gift Card
  63. Book:   Making Simple Robots
    Activity:  Make a BrushBot
    GiveawayLaser Kraze Passes
  64. Book:  Rough Riders: Theodore Roosevelt, His Cowboy Regiment, and the Immortal Charge Up San Juan Hill
    Activity: Stop by the History and Genealogy Department at the Covington Library
    GiveawayRough Riders and Bean Haus Gift Card
  65. Book:  Rich and Pretty
    Activity:  Have a ladies day or guys day out
    GiveawayRich and Pretty and Bean Haus Gift Card
  66. Book:  Your Alien
    Activity:  Watch E.T. at the Erlanger Branch at 9:30 pm
    GiveawayAMC Gift Card
  67. Book:   The New Chinese Medicine Handbook
    Activity:  Attend the Relaxation Fest at the Durr Branch August 6 at noon
    GiveawayAmazon Gift Card
  68. Book: Rise of the Rocket Girls: The Women Who Propelled us, From Missiles to the Moon to Mars
    Activity: Go out at night and look at the moon and stars
    GiveawayKentucky Science Museum Tickets
  69. Book: LEGO Ninjago masters of Spinjitzu Character Encyclopedia
    Activity:   Visit any of the branches to play with Legos in the Children’s area
    GiveawayLego Book Prize Pack with small Lego set
  70. Book: Out of Sight Till Tonight!
    Activity:   Have a backyard campout
    GiveawayNocturnals book and T-shirt
  71. 92_04Book:  Dog Man
    Activity:   Spend a day at the Dog Park
    GiveawayDog Man Prize Pack
  72. Book:  Taming the Beast
    Activity:  Spend the day reading romance novels
    GiveawayHeather Grothaus Books Prize Pack
  73. Book: Gone Girl
    Activity:  Attend Books on Tap at Braxton Brewery at 7 pm sponsored by the Kenton County Public Library                                                                                                                            GiveawayAmazon Gift Card
  74. Book:  Little Robot
    Activity:   Draw your favorite book covers with sidewalk chalk
    GiveawayLittle Robot and Bean Haus Gift Card
  75. Book: Master of the Grill
    Activity:   Have a cookout
    GiveawayTexas Roadhouse Dinner for Two
  76. Book: Last But Not Least; Lola Going Green
    Activity: Plant a few flowers
    GiveawayAutographed copy of Last But Not Least Lola Going Green and Bean Haus Gift Card
  77. Book:  Fashion: The Definitive History of Costume and Style
    Activity:  Visit the Dressing Downton: Changing Fashion for Changing Times exhibit at the Taft Museum of Art
    GiveawayPaparazzi Necklace and handmade soap from Seventh Street Gifts
  78. Book:  The Happy Elf
    Activity:  Have Christmas in July by reading a few holiday books
    GiveawayThe Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati Elf Jr. Tickets
  79. Book:  My Old Kentucky Road Trip
    Activity: Visit a Kentucky State Park
    GiveawayOne Night’s Stay at any Kentucky State Park
  80. Book:  Judy Moody and the Bucket List
    Activity: Create a summer bucket list and check a few items off
    GiveawayJudy Moody and the Bucket List and a Bean Haus Gift Card
  81. Book: The Good Dog
    Activity:  Attend the Pawtastic Pet Fair at the Erlanger Branch
    GiveawayAnimal Books Prize Pack and Bean Haus Gift Card
  82. Book:  Remember the Alamo
    Activity:  Make a sugar cube Alamo
    GiveawayTexas Roadhouse Dinner for Two
  83. 92_05Book:  Pop-up Paris
    Activity: Explore Paris with this fun book and visit the library website to learn French
    GiveawayLazer Kraze Passes
  84. Book:    Howard Wallace, P.I.
    Activity:   Spend the day looking through cool Northern Kentucky photos on the Library website
    GiveawayHoward Wallace, P.I. and Bean Haus Gift Certificate
  85. Book:   Feed Your Pet Right
    Activity:  Visit a local dog park or take your dog for a walk
    GiveawayPet Wants, Fort Thomas location, gift certificate
  86. Book:   Daniel Visits the Library
    Activity:    Take a book/Leave a book at a Little Free Library (one at Independence City Building)                                                                                                                          GiveawayAmazon Gift Card
  87. Book:   Frazzled: Everyday Disasters and Impending Doom
    Activity:  Take the family geocaching  
    GiveawayAdvanced Readers Copy of Frazzled and a Bean Haus Gift Card
  88. Book:   What Remains of Me
    Activity:   Host a Murder Mystery Dinner
    GiveawayWhat Remains of Me and a Bean Haus Gift Card
  89. Book: The Great Dog Wash
    Activity:  Take your do to be groomed or wash him yourself at Dirty Hairy’s
    GiveawayDirty Hairy’s Dog Wash Gift Certificate
  90. Book:    Inspector Flytrap
    Activity:  Setup a mystery for the kids to solve
    GiveawayTween Book Prize Pack
  91. Book:  60 Hikes within 60 Milies, Cincinnati
    Activity:   Pack a snack and go on a hike
    GiveawayThirty-one Gifts Insulated Snack Bag & a Stella & Dot Gift Card
  92. 92_06Book:  Adventures Around Cincinnati
    Activity:  Drop your children’s booklogs off any of the three branches and attend the Hogwarts ReadyFest at the Erlanger Branch from 6-8 pm.
    GiveawayCincinnati Prize Pack



Note: Library employees and those living in their household are not eligible to win prizes from the 92 Days of Summer giveaways. Prizes were donated by supporters of the Library and the Friends of the Kenton County Public Library. Prizes are subject to change without notice. The giveaways will be done daily on Facebook. The winner will be announced on Facebook and will have 24 hours to respond letting us know whether they will pick their prize up at the Erlanger, Durr or Covington Branch otherwise another winner will be chosen. Once the winner is notified, they will have 14 days to pick the prize up from the branch of their choice. The prize will be forfeited if not picked up within 14 days.


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