The equinox is upon us and with it the official end of summer and the end of the summer reading season. It’s the end of beach reads, the end of long audiobooks for summer road trips, and the end of filling up our Kindles with all the books that didn’t fit in our carry-on bags. It’s the time when we say goodbye to the freedoms of summer vacation and get back to the daily grind of work and school and life. But, September also seems to be the time when we lose something beyond the hit we take to our free time. It’s also the time when we lose something less quantifiable, something I would refer to as the spirit of summer reading.

After all, more time spent reading isn’t the only benefit summer vacations provide to our reading lives. Summer vacations also involve travel and this traveling allows us the physical space in which to immerse ourselves in the narrative of a book in a way we may struggle to do in our day to day reading lives. When we have the opportunity to step out of our usual places of home, work, and school, we aren’t just allowing our bodies to wander, but our minds as well. When we read in a new location we are setting the tone for our reading experience, one that allows us the opportunity to open our minds to new ideas and helps us to reach that ultimate goal of every reader: being totally “lost in a book”.

It seems a shame, then, that this sort of escape has been limited to only one brief part of our year. After all, we may not have the freedom to schedule a reading session on the beach, but there’s still plenty of nice weather left in this year to bask in when we need time away from classmates, coworkers, and yes, even the kids! The key is finding the right location, which is why we put together a list of local places we think help capture this spirit! But don’t stop with our four local favorites, use these ideas to branch out and trade in the daily grind for some much needed YOU time!

Pioneer Park

If curling up under the warmth of the summer sun is your favorite vacation activity then you should make a point to try reading in one of your local parks. Let the shade of the trees over a nice bench be your escape from the desk chair as you take the opportunity to escape into the pages of your newest fiction pick! And for those of you looking for a way to stretch your legs and admire the changing season the park is the place to be! Step to the beat of a new audio book as you admire the leaves’ new colors.



Yesterday’s Tea Room & Matcha Bar. (Located inside Friendly’s Market)

Not the type of person whose allergies can handle a park, but you’re dying to go somewhere you might not be found? How about spending time in a locally owned tea room?! No matter the weather you can find a tea to fit your mood and your favorite book! Cozy seating, tea, food, and the chance to escape into a great book? Sounds like just the break you keep telling yourself you need!



Braxton Brewery

Those other choices not your cup of tea? That’s okay! Why not try sitting down on a large and extremely comfy couch while you sip away on a beer that’s poured just right and read your latest book club read? Are you currently smiling or zoning out at your screen thinking “I could get used to that…” Then go! Trust us, everyone in your class/office will be more than OK with you taking time getting back to the more zen you; not the you who is seen throwing notebooks and crying over paperclips. So, take the time to whip out your ID, visit this brewery, and have a darn good time; you might even thank us for this!


Devou Park

Want to feel like you’re on top of the world? Well, you won’t be disappointed standing at the overlook at Devou Park and gazing out to a skyline that all of your adventurous/hipster friends haven’t stopped talking about since they went! You’ll do them all one better though as you cozy up on a bench or lay a blanket on the ground and get lost into the pages of a book. You’ll leave rejuvenated and eager to talk about a great book, so, do yourself a favor and let the Cincy skyline set the scene as you dip into a great new pick!


Do you have a favorite local reading spot? Leave a comment and let us know about it!

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