Leap Day Fun!

2016 is a leap year, meaning at the end of this month we all get an extra 24 hours to do whatever we want. Falling on a Monday this year, for most people this will probably mean simply going to work or school, as usual. But for some of you out there, this is a day steeped in tradition.

In Irish legend, this is the one day a year that women were allowed to propose to men. While this is no longer the case (it is 2016, after all), this is still a tradition observed by many. Will this be the day any of you get down on one knee?

A short plane ride away from Ireland, in Greece, however, leap years are considered unlucky when it comes to love.  Greek folklore says that if a couple gets married or engaged any time during a leap year, the relationship will be unlucky, ending either in divorce or in the death of one of the spouse’s. If you are Greek, and believe in this folklore, perhaps hold off on making any major relationship commitments this year!

For others, this day is simply used to have an extra 24 hours of fun doing whatever they want! This year, this would entail having to play hooky from work or school, so don’t get caught! Many like to celebrate this extra day by going to amusement parks, seeing movies, or just staying home and binge watching their favorite TV show.

Then there are those that just so happened to be born on February 29th, only getting to celebrate their actual birthday every 4 years. So for all of you leap babies born in 1976, remember, you’re not turning 40, you’re only turning 10! While only being able to celebrate the true day of your birth every 4 years does not sound very fun, if you are one of the lucky few to be born on this special day, you can join “The Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies.” Happy Birthday to all you leap day babies out there!

Here at the library, instead of playing hooky, or celebrating a birthday, we will be open our usual hours, providing you with all the books, movies, and CD’s you could want to fill these bonus hours. Come and spend part of your day with us!

In the meantime, enjoy one of these books, movies, or “Leap Day” episodes of Modern Family or 30 Rock. All available at Kenton Library! Check out the list here.

How do you plan on spending your leap day? Do you have any special traditions? Share in the comments!

Jill Frasher, Children’s Librarian – Erlanger

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