The Library is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Halloween writing contest. This was our 15th year in conducting this contest, and we had a record-breaking 303 entries. Over twenty-five area schools were represented, including the homeschool community. We even had an entry from Houston, Texas! It’s interesting to note that we had three sets of siblings win this year: Frances and Ruth Maier, Matilda and Ollie Lukes, and Lillian and Jackson Grothaus. We also had a repeat winner. Ruth Maier won 2nd place last year in the Grades 1-3 Prose Division, and this year she won 1st place. She also won 1st place in 2015.

As librarians, we know the importance of reading and developing a child’s reading skills, especially through hands-on, active learning opportunities. Having a child create an original story or poem promotes the advancement of those skills. Several teachers even incorporated this contest into their curriculum, having the entire class submit entries. We are pleased to have this sort of support among the educational community.

And the winners for the 2017 “Haunt Your Library” Writing Contest are:

Grades 1-3

First Place Poetry Winner: “Stitches” by Frances Maier (Blessed Sacrament School, Grade 2)
Second Place Poetry Winner: “Those Noisy Monsters” by Lillian Grothaus (Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, Grade 3)                                                    
Third Place Poetry Winner: “Halloween Poem” by Jahlee Etta Reinecke (Cline Elementary, Grade 3)                                                                                                            

First Place Prose Winner:
“The Cat Named Nobody” by Ruth Maier (Blessed Sacrament School, Grade 3)
Second Place Prose Winner: “The Weapon” by Matilda Lukes (Homeschool, Grade 3)                                          
Third Place Prose Winner:  “
Don’t Feed the Monster that Lives in the School” by Josiyah Mateo Sams (Glen O. Swing Elementary, Grade 2)

Grades 4-5

First Place Poetry Winner: “Halloween Night” by Lily Peffer (Piner Elementary, Grade 5)
Second Place Poetry Winner: “Last Night in the Lake” by Jackson Grothaus (Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, Grade 5)                                                       
Third Place Poetry Winner:
“Halloween at the Library” by Ty Gudgeon (Villa Madonna Academy, Grade 4) 

First Place Prose Winner:
“Pumpkin and Skeleton’s Night of Terror” by Cono Presti (Villa Madonna Academy, Grade 4)                                                                 
Second Place Prose Winner: “Sprinkles the Ghost Cat” by Sam Greene (Holy Cross Elementary, Grade 5) 
Third Place Prose Winner:
“The Haunted Library Book” by Michael Callioni (Villa Madonna Academy, Grade 4)

Grades 6-8 Poetry & Prose

First Place Poetry Winner: “Pinata” by Ollie Lukes (Homeschool, Grade 7)
First Place Prose Winner: “Millie” by Clara Heberling (St. Agnes School, Grade 6) 
Second Place Prose Winner: “The Mansion on the Hill” by Caroline Joyce (St. Pius X School, Grade 6)
Third Place Prose Winner:
“This Halloween” by Jy’Asiah Hill (Holy Family School, Grade 8)

Grades 9-12 Poetry & Prose

First Place Poetry Winner: “The Whisper Tree” by Kelsey Bauer (Simon Kenton High School, Grade 9)
First Place Prose Winner: “The Lepidopterist” by Maribeth Stafford (Notre Dame Academy, Grade 12)
Second Place Prose Winner: “Untitled” by Kelsey Mahoney (Covington Latin School, Grade 12)

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