The Library Elf on the Shelf is back and ready for some shenanigans!

Photo provided by A Little Moore.

Children have fallen in love with the Elf on the Shelf over the last several years. The magical Elf flies in from the North Pole to keep an eye on the boys and girls. He reports back to Santa nightly and then flies back before the boys and girls wake up for the day. It all sounds innocent enough but this Elf is often mischievous. He finds himself in all kinds of messes, sometimes, he finds himself a complete mess.

Provided by A Little Moore


Sometimes he behaves while reading a good book.

And sometimes he bakes cakes.

Provided by A Little Moore


Or acts like a goofball.

Provided by A Little Moore


This year the Elf on the Shelf has decided to visit the Kenton County Public Library to check on all the boys and girls. He will visit each branch every day. The first person to find him each day (don’t touch or he’ll lose his magic) will win a prize! It could be a cool bag or a gift card to a local coffee house for treats and hot chocolate.



But he isn’t the only Elf running around the Library! Our life-sized elf is also back!

You can find new pictures of our life-sized elf on our TwitterFacebook and Instagram pages every day. Pay attention because there will be surprise giveaways on social media throughout the month.

Please share your pictures of your Elf on the Shelf or of you finding our Elf on the Shelf on social media with the hashtag #libraryelf. We’d love to see them!

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