Have you ever picked out a book based on the cover? The cover draws you in (whether it’s the design, color, title, pictures, etc.) and you take it with you while not even knowing the synopsis. This situation happens quite a bit whether you are at the library, shopping at a bookstore or even online. Sometimes the opposite even happens and you might be turned away from a book based on the cover because it looks boring or unattractive.

Book covers are very important. Let’s be honest, we judge books by their covers everyday! Looking for some book recommendations with striking covers? Take a look below! The following list is a mix of old/current books (Adult, Children’s and Young Adult).

American War (by: Omar El Akkad)

Astrophysics for People in a Hurry (by: Neil DeGrasse Tyson)

Borne (by: Jeff Vandermeer)

The Night Gardener (by: Terry and Eric Fan)

A Separation (by: Katie Kitamura)

White Tears (by: Hari Kunzru)

Breadcrumbs (by: Anne Ursu)

How to Murder your Life (by: Cat Marnell)

Exit West (by: Mohsin Hamid)

The Goldfinch (by: Donna Tartt)

Red Queen (by: Victoria Aveyard)

Cannibals In Love (by: Mike Roberts)

Appetites Cookbook (by: Anthony Bourdain)

Commonwealth (by: Ann Patchett)

The Girl Who Fell From The Sky (by: Heidi W. Durrow)


Visit one of our three library locations to check out one of these books and take a look at one of our many book displays! You never know — you might pick up your next favorite book based on it’s cover. Looking for more book suggestions? Check out BookUs to connect with a librarian and get book recommendations.




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