The Kenton County Public Library announced today that they have received a $25,000 grant from the American Library Association (ALA) to design and implement coding programs for young people. The Kenton County Public Library is one of 28 libraries around the country to receive a grant from Libraries Ready to Code, an initiative of the American Library Association sponsored by Google, which promotes computer science (CS) and computational thinking among youth.

Executive Director Dave Schroeder, said, “We are honored to be a recipient of such a prestigious and generous grant. Our staff will use the funds to work with children and teens in our area to implement STEM-based programs which include a six-weeks robotics course and coding classes.”

“Staff at the Library are diligent about finding new opportunities to expand children’s and teens knowledge on a variety of subjects. We do this through classes that often include a literacy component and hands-on learning experiences,” stated Schroeder.

“Libraries are the cornerstones of our communities,” said Google program manager Nicky Rigg. “We are proud to include the Kenton County Public Library in our cohort of Ready to Code grantees and support them with the knowledge and skills to do what they do best: empowering youth to create, problem solve and develop the confidence and skills to succeed in their future careers.”

ALA President Jim Neal said, “As centers of innovation and information, libraries are the ideal place for youth – especially those underrepresented in tech jobs – to get the CS skills they need to succeed. ALA is pleased to provide these new resources to Kenton County Public Library and other Libraries Ready to Code grantees to help young people cultivate problem-solving skills, in addition to coding, that are at the heart of libraries’ mission to foster critical thinking.”

Schroeder expects that the Library programs will offer children new opportunities. “Our program will provide students with skills, attitudes and behaviors that will increase their chances of continuing on a technical path. We hope students’ confidence will increase and encourage them to pursue more classes on new technology.”

The Kenton County Public Library serves the entire community, promoting literacy and lifelong learning and inspiring imagination through a wide variety of resources and services. We help people connect — in person and online — with welcoming, safe places that encourage exploration, celebrate discovery and expand opportunities for individual and communal growth.

Classes will begin this December. Search for STEM/Ready to Code programs on the event calendar to find the classes at

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