Coding Continued…

Did you complete your first Hour of Code and are ready for more learning? The library can help with that! Link to great websites and checkout amazing resources right here at your library. Thanks to Google and ALA for sponsoring our Hour of Code activity this year.

Complete a Course for your Grade Level at


Checkout a Maker Kit


Code & Go Robot Mouse

Raspberry Pi

Check out a book and complete a Scratch Project

We have tons of books that will lead you through amazing projects for any age and interest. Kids around 2nd grade and up can use Scratch for simple and advanced projects. This block based language teaches coding and computer science concepts through dragging and dropping blocks in the coding work space. This helps prepare kids to learn when they are older and can handle the tricky syntax of text based languages.

Younger kids age 5-7 can use Scratch Jr which is a free app.



You can even find fiction books and history books to inspire kids to keep coding. Computer science is really about problem solving which kids are naturally drawn to in the form of games, stories, and creativity.

Middle Grade


Early Readers and Picture Books



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