There are Craft People™, there are those who craft, and there are those who do not.

I am one of those who do not.

On the rare occasion I find myself artistically afflicted, I look for projects that are easy and fun, with little-to-no clean up required. Since winter in Northern Kentucky can often feel never-ending, a snow-themed project sounds like the perfect way to break up the monotony, while celebrating the season.

For my chosen craft, I decided to make no-sew sock snowmen, modeled after well-known Kentucky figures: Abraham Lincoln (16th President of the United States), Colonel Sanders (founder of the always delicious Kentucky Fried Chicken), Loretta Lynn (award-winning country singer and coal miner’s daughter), and Simon Kenton (legendary pioneer and county namesake).

This project is simple enough to construct, appropriate for people of all ages (as is the case with most crafts, I’d recommend adult supervision for younger kids). You’ll need white socks, scissors, polyester stuffing (rice or beans work better, though), thread, buttons, markers, ribbon, and any other supplies you deem necessary to bring your snowperson to life.

Let’s begin!

  • Turn a sock inside out and cut it into two parts, just a few inches below the heel. (Hold on to the toe-end of the sock – we’ll make a hat out of that piece later!)


  • Take a piece of thread, wrap it around the newly cut end of the sock, and tie a knot.

  • Turn the sock outside in (back to the way it was originally packaged; the knot is hidden this way).

  • Fill the sock full of polyester stuffing (or rice or beans) and shape along the way in to a snowman silhouette.
  • Then separate the two spheres of “snow” by loosely tying another piece of thread around the middle.


  • Shape the head by tying a thread around the remaining opening, at the top of the snowman.

  • This is where the real fun begins. It’s time to get creative! Whoever you’ve chosen to model your snowman after, whether a real person or one of your own creation, outfit your snowperson with all the trimmings: eyes, nose, mouth, hair, clothes, accessories. Like I mentioned earlier, you can take the toe-end of the sock you cut away and fold it over a few times to make a cute hat.

(Simon Kenton, Colonel Sanders, Loretta Lynn, and Abe Lincoln)

And that’s it! You’re all done.

These little cuties are a welcome addition to any mantelpiece or counter space, and can easily be packed away in storage, when it’s time to take down holiday decorations. (For some people, like my mother, that’s December 26th. For others, that could mean Labor Day weekend. No judgement.)

Create your own frozen friend – based on a public/historical figure of your choice or character from your own imagination – and post the pictures on Facebook! Make sure to tag us (@KentonCountyPublicLibrary), so we can see all your wonderful works of art!

Written by Alexandra Daniels, Library Associate in the Local History and Genealogy Department at the Covington Branch.

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