The library can be a great resource for planning your next vacation to anywhere in the world. Our staff can help you find travel books to your destination and can direct you to some online vacation resources. You can also checkout items from the library that you might want/need on your vacation.

You can check out a Canon DSLR camera to capture your vacation memories and we also have a metal detector that I wish I would have placed on hold because that would have been something fun to do while on the beach. The wifi hot spots we have available for checkout can be great for a long car ride with kids. We also have different lawn games available for check out which would be great additions to a camping trip or a stay at the beach. You can visit our Library of Things for a complete list.

Here are some photos from my family’s vacation to South Haven, Michigan. I highly recommend this vacation spot to anyone who enjoys the sand but dislikes salt water.  It’s the best of both worlds.  You can dig your feet in the sand and avoid the salt water.

The kids had a blast running along the beach and kicking sand in the air. Lake Michigan is cold at the beginning of June but that didn’t stop the big kids from jumping in! 









David (left) & Collin (right); cousins/best buds.


Beach Frisbee anyone? A lawn game from the library would also have been a great addition to our vacation.

Pier at North Beach


Downtown South Haven is a shopper’s paradise. Also, if you are a connoisseur of food you must try Kilwin’s for their ice cream and fudge and Clementine’s for their onion rings….yummy!

Kilwin’s downtown, South Haven


Holland, Michigan is just a hop, skip and jump from South Haven and is home to Nelis’ Dutch village. This a great place to take the family because there is something for everyone to do.  You can take in an authentic Dutch dance show, ride a few or ALL the rides and/or stop by the De Koekjeshoek – and make a stroopwafel cookie!

Collin making a stroopwafel cookie!

Authentic Dutch dance.


We also witnessed a new life being born will visiting the Dutch village. Say hi to mamma and her little duckling.

On our way home, we stopped by Warren State Park and ventured up the sand dunes. That’s my wonderful family starting up the dune.


Sand Dunes at the Warren State Park, Michigan


Sunset in South Haven, Michigan


Photo credit: Kelli Gough


Have you been to Michigan? What last-minute summer trips would you suggest?

Written by Kari Jones; Covington branch Children’s services coordinator


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