Last year, I started thinking about going back to school. I had been out of college for several years and I had a couple subjects I was interested in. After taking a few graduate level classes at NKU, I still didn’t have a clear idea of what my end goal would be. Plus, taking classes can be very expensive.

That’s when I discovered Gale Courses, a database offered by the library. As long as you have a library card, you are able to take any of the classes offered on the site. For free! These are instructor-led classes on a myriad of subjects, mostly focusing on personal and professional development.

Each class lasts for around six weeks. Two lessons are released every week (one on Wednesdays, one on Fridays). You can sign on when you want and go through the lessons at your leisure. It is user-friendly and easy. The best part is the classes are not graded, except for the final test (if you pass, you get a certificate of completion).

You can really work at your own pace. There is nothing to lose if you decide a class isn’t for you or if life gets too busy.


So far, I have completed two classes: one on editing and one on writing. I am currently taking a sign language class, which has been great. I’ve learned a lot through these classes and I’ve only had positive experiences. I like that each lesson is a mixture of readings, activities, quizzes, and discussion topics. It has given me the opportunity to strengthen skills I already have and to explore others that I am interested in.

Some of the subjects you can take are: accounting, drawing, graphic design, grant writing, law, medicine, and so many more. If you’ve ever wanted to go back to school or just like to learn new things, I’d suggest checking out Gale Courses. It’s a great starting place to explore something new or to get back in the swing of education.

If you are interested, visit our Research & Learning page  go to Test Prep, and click on Gale Courses.

You can browse through the classes they offer right away. If you want to take one, you just create an account with your email address and library card number. From there you can easily enroll in whatever class you want to take. There is an orientation you can read through before the class starts to familiarize yourself with how everything works.

It is low pressure and low stress and very user-friendly.

– Written by Lisa Clark, children’s associate at the Erlanger Branch.

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