“Haunt Your Library” Writing Contest 2018

The Library is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Halloween writing contest. This was our 16th year in conducting this contest, and we had a record-breaking number of entries – 400 to be exact! Eighteen area schools were represented as well as the homeschool community. One of our first place winners, Michael Callioni of Villa Madonna Academy, actually won third place in 2017.

As librarians, we know the importance of reading and developing a child’s reading skills, especially through hands-on, active learning opportunities. Having a child create an original story or poem promotes the advancement of those skills. Several teachers even incorporated this contest into their curriculum, having the entire class submit entries. We are pleased to have this sort of support among the educational community. In fact, this year, for the first time, we have decided to give out an Honorable Mention award for classroom participation. We would like to recognize Jodi Klaiss’s 6th graders at St. Joseph Crescent Springs. Her students submitted entries using “blackout poetry” as the format. Blackout poetry is when a page of text is completely blacked out (colored over with permanent marker so that it is no longer visible) except for a select few words. When only these words are visible, a poem is created from the existing text. We felt that these entries were unique and worthy of Honorable Mention. Congrats to St. Joseph Crescent Springs and congrats to all the winners and participants!

And the winners for the 2018 “Haunt Your Library” Writing Contest are:

Poetry, Grades 1-4:

1st place:             “Never Smile at a Graveyard” by Abrianna Schrand
Homeschool, Grade 3

2nd place:           “Creepy Sounds” by Coen K. Yap
Beechwood Elementary School, Grade 4

3rd place:            “Hallow’s Eve” by Drew Kurtzner
Blessed Sacrament School, Grade 4

Prose, Grades 1-4:

1st place:             “A House on Fang Street” by Allison Rebok
Grade 4

2nd place:           “On a Spoky Graveyard” by Avery Black
Beechwood Elementary School, Grade 1

3rd place:           “Is Somebody Watching Me?” by Iris Laile
Prince of Peace, Grade 4

Poetry, Grades 5-6

1st place:             “Pumpkin, Pumpkin” by Sydney Sheely
Blessed Sacrament School, Grade 5

2nd place:           “The Witch’s Pie” by Adeline Lashua
Blessed Sacrament School, Grade 6

3rd place:            “Happy Halloween” by Taylor Schuck
Saint Henry Elementary, Grade 6

Prose, Grades 5-6:

1st place:             “The Glowing Gem” by Michael Callioni
Villa Madonna Academy, Grade 5

2nd place:           “House Number 18” by Carlianne Perkins
Beechwood Elementary School, Grade 5

3rd place:            “Madyson and the Three Visitors” by Olivia Salsman
Villa Madonna Academy, Grade 5

Poetry, Grades 7-8:

1st place:             “Twisting Windong Road” by Molly Krallman
Saint Henry School, Grade 7

2nd place:            [Untitled} by Gabrielle Epplen
Blessed Sacrament School, Grade 8

3rd place:              “Everything Halloween” by Maria Haacke
Blessed Sacrament School, Grade 7

Prose, Grades 7-8:

1st place:             “The End” by Katie Cheng
Covington Latin School, Grade 8

2nd place:            “A Taste for Blood” by Mitchell Wolking
Saint Henry Elementary, Grade 8

3rd place:            “The Disappearance of Ally” by Caroline Joyce
St. Pius X, Grade 7

Poetry, Grades 9-12:

1st place:             “The Worst Ghosts aren’t Dead” by Olivia Ossege
Notre Dame Academy, Grade 12

2nd place:            [Untitled] by Michael Petri
Homeschool, Grade 10

3rd place:            “Inevitable” by Ellie O’Hara
Notre Dame Academy, Grade 12

Prose, Grades 9-12:

1st place:             “In Heavy Traffic” by Jayden Kohus
Holmes High School, Grade 12

2nd place:           “Something Smells” by Chris Rauf
Covington Latin School, Grade 12

3rd place:            “Stolen Candy” by Meredyth Duke
Dixie Heights, Grade 9

Classroom Participation Honorable Mention:    St. Joseph Crescent Springs, 6th Grade, Jodi Klaiss, Teacher






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