In the cooking world, the Instant Pot has been a huge craze since last year. Haven’t heard about the Instant Pot? It’s a programmable pressure cooker that cooks foods fast and is super easy to use. It also can be used as a slow cooker, rice/porridge maker, steamer, sauté/browning, yogurt maker and food warmer. I purchased my Instant Pot during a black Friday sale last year and started skimming through the instruction book immediately. It may seem intimidating at first but after using it a couple of times I definitely got the hang of it. Something else that helped were Instant Pot cookbooks from the library. Below, I’ve included some of my favorites. Check them out!

How to Instant Pot : mastering all the functions of the one pot that will change the way you cook

Instant Pot miracle : from gourmet to everyday, 175 must-have recipes


Instant Pot® Cookbook : 60 delicious foolproof recipes


Instant Pot® obsession : the ultimate electric pressure cooker for cooking everything fast

Some dinners I have made:

General Tso’s Chicken

Indian Butter Chicken

Buttery Ranch Pork Chops & Butternut Squash Noodles


Decorate your Instant Pot:

Want to take your Instant Pot to the next level? Decorate it with a vinyl decal made with our Silhouette Cameo at the STREAM Center. Decorating your Instant Pot is very popular, take a look at Pinterest or Etsy for inspiration. Make an appointment with one of our STREAM center staff and they can help you create your design and print it for 1 $ or less. If you already know how to use the Silhouette Cameo, reserve time to use it here.

I am a huge Harry Potter fan so of course I had to pay homage with “Hurry Potter.” I also created a “There She Blows” decal (I’m still amazed by how powerful the steam comes out when you release pressure). I created and printed they vinyl decals during my STREAM center visit in about 15-20 minutes, took it home to peel it off and stuck it right on. Decorate your Instant Pot today, for more information checkout the STREAM center!



Written By: Maura Sudkamp, Emerging Technology & Design Specialist for the Kenton County Public Library 


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