Looking for a cute wedding gift to give? Want to personalize something like a special quilt? Look no further, the STREAM Center at the Erlanger Branch has an embroidery machine! You can embroider towels, quilts, shirts and more. It can do a 4” x 4” embroidery area, the machine has 70 built in decorative designs and 5 styles of font. You can also hook up a laptop and import your own files! The only cost is .10 cents for a bobbin (just bring your own fabrics). I decided to embroider a hand towel with my initials on it, I’ve included pictures below of the embroidery process!

So many colors to choose from!

Setting the fabric in the hoop to make sure the design is embroidered correctly.

There are different fonts you can chose from, you can also adjust size and position.

The final product!

I purchased a very soft plush cotton towel, you can see the design peeks through the plush cotton. This is something to keep in mind, if you want your design to be displayed clearly then you might opt for a thinner towel/fabric.


If you are interested in getting something embroidered and learning about the process, you will need to setup a one-on-one appointment at the STREAM center.


The STREAM center also has upcoming sewing related programs, check them out here. Registration may be required.






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