Racing to Read is excited to offer our teachers STEM related kits for preschoolers.



Our first kit is an interactive coding game where children “code” their own music! Osmo Coding Jam is a fun game where you can explore different types of rhythm and code your very own personalized song. This is recommended for children aged 3-6 years old. Our kit includes the Osmo Coding Jam game tiles, the iPad, iPad charger, and iPad base.

Our second kit is just as exciting and comes pre-packaged with an attitude. Cozmo is an interactive robot that can not only recognize your face, but is very competitive. You can play with Cozmo, and his three cubes, in either free game mode, or you can code him in the “code lab” to complete tasks. When he’s not occupied he will explore his world and sing to himself. But, make sure you take care of Cozmo, he has to be properly calibrated, fed, and played with! Cozmo is intended for children aged 3-6 years old. Our kit includes Cozmo, Cozmo’s charging pad, Cozmo’s three blocks, plus the Asus tablet pre-loaded with the Cozmo App, and tablet charger.

Our last kit is the most exciting of all, our Parrot Minidrone! Use the tablet to fly our minidrone!. This is an activity that can be either indoors or outdoors, but always with teacher supervision. Our kit includes the minidrone, along with the charger, plus the Asus tablet that is pre-loaded with the in-flight simulation app, and tablet charger.


Call us at 859.962.4062 to reserve your STEM kit today!


Written by: Teresa Curtis, outreach programmer at the Kenton County Public Library, and Pete the Cat’s #1 Fan!

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