Note: This blog was originally written in 2018. We do not encourage hosting parties with people outside of your home at this time.

Hosting a party can be expensive but the STREAM Center and Maker Spaces at the Kenton County Public Library can make it more affordable.

Start by making the invitations for free in the STREAM Center at the Erlanger Branch. You can reserve the letterpress by clicking here.

I ordered a personalized poster from etsy (electronic version only) for my husband’s 50th birthday. The design cost less than $10. I was able to print in on the poster printer for about $15. It even has a sticky back so I was able to hang it with no tape. To make it better, we can use it over and over thanks to the sticky back.

You could use any design you create as well. All you pay for is the material you use. You must schedule an appointment by clicking here.

I ordered a vinyl banner online when my daughter graduated last year. With coupons, it cost about $30. It would have definitely cost less at the STREAM Center since I would have only paid for materials.

This 3×4 banner cost $16.50 in the STREAM Center.

You can also make party favors for on the 3D printer or button maker for a minimal cost.

Key chains made on the 3D printer. These key chains cost about $1 each. You could make the design of your choice. The batman cookie cutter was also made on the 3D printer.


I made buttons from special pictures of my husband and family members to give to our party guests who attended his birthday party. Buttons cost 15 cents each.


Does your party have a theme? Or your child have a favorite animal? You can make giveaways or cake decorations on the 3D printer.


Having a robot themed party? Make these on the 3D printer for all your guests. Just pay for the materials used.

Want the guest of honor to wear a special shirt or give each guest a personalized tote bag? You can make customized items with the Combo Heat Press Machine at the Covington Branch. This machine allows you to transfer colorful pictures and characters onto  textiles such as cotton, flax, chemical fiber and nylon. Be sure to bring your own material.

You can even make a customized jigsaw puzzle at the Erlanger Branch. I envision myself making one of the guest of honor to put on display or taking a group photo at the party and then sending puzzles as thank you notes!

Customized jigsaw puzzles can be made at the Erlanger Branch.

All of the STREAM Center and Maker Space equipment is free to use. Patrons just pay a nominal fee for materials used. We do suggest scheduling an appointment or reserving the equipment at How will you use the STREAM Center and Maker Spaces for your next party?


– Written by Gina Stegner – Gina is the public relations coordinator for the Kenton County Public Library. She has used the technology provided at the Library for party favors, decorations and more. 




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