Munch was only a few pounds when he came to the Library. He is now 50.

The Kenton County Public Library staff welcomed Munch the tortoise to the Durr Branch in 2014. The then three pound turtle had plenty of room to grow and move around. But as time went on, Munch grew and grew. The staff built a new home for him but he eventually outgrew that as well. Munch has grown so much, 50 pounds, that he is too big to live at the library. After many discussions and tears, it was decided Munch needed a new home where he could continue to grow and have space to move around. Luckily the Ark Encounter agreed to take him. Munch is scheduled to move today, July 9, 2018. Once he gets settled in, people can visit him at the Ark.

Many of our patrons are sad Munch is leaving. Please know this was not an easy decision and was done in the best interest of Munch. Staff has had so much fun with him over the years. I personally had the opportunity to work with Munch on several occasions. Munch loves basketball so he made his own bracket the last few years. I had the opportunity to work with him on Munch Madness. You can watch the video here. Other staff members worked with Munch to depict what a day in the life of Munch is like. You can watch that video here.

Munch truly has a personality of his own, which is why we started Tortoise Tuesdays on social media. We had to show off his cuteness.

















Munch enjoyed playing with the toys at the Library.

I always made a point to say hi to Munch while visiting the Durr Branch. He was often walking around the branch checking things out. He had a routine. He would walk around the children’s department, usually stopping in the janitor’s closet and then mosey out to the rest of the branch. His favorite person is definitely Joel, the singing library. Joel fed him, cleaned his cage and gave him a bath. I loved watching Munch follow Joel around just like a dog would it’s owner.

Munch will definitely be missed. We hope his friends from the Library will visit him at the Ark once he is settled in so he will see friendly faces. Please share with us your favorite Munch memory. Until we meet again Munch.

Love, the staff at the Kenton County Public Library


This post was written by Gina Stegner, public relations coordinator for the Kenton County Public Library. Gina loves all animals, especially Munch. 

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