It may only be November but the holidays are coming up! Are you starting to prepare? Did you know that you can use our makerspaces to help you get ready for the holidays? Whether it’s gifts, decorations or any sort of holiday craft – we’ve got you covered and can help you out!

This week I decided to get crafty and try making a festive holiday card. Using the Silhouette Cameo (which is available at our Erlanger Branch), you can get creative with cutting out cardstock, paper, vinyl and more! I started by visiting a local craft store to pick up some holiday themed paper and embellishments/decorations. Then I made an appointment at the STREAM center in Erlanger.

I learned that the Silhouette Cameo has little pens for calligraphy so I decided that I wanted it to write out “Happy Holidays.” I chose my font that I wanted, loaded the paper and it wrote it out for me in a couple of seconds. I’ve always admired beautiful calligraphy but am not talented enough to do it by hand! It is very nice that this machine can do it for you. My next step was to cut out a snowman shape, this also took just a couple of seconds. You pick out a design/shape on the software and tell it to start cutting! It’s as simple as that.

Lastly I used the large paper cutter at the STREAM center to cut my paper into a card and then I put it all together. There are many examples on Pinterest or other crafting websites that can give you inspiration/ideas. The Silhouette Cameo is free to use as long as you bring your own paper.

The Silhouette Cameo:

The Silhouette Cameo Pen:

The wide range of pens available for your calligraphy needs:

The cut out Snowman:

Final Card:

Reserve the Silhouette Cameo and check out what other neat machines/tools are in the STREAM center. Questions? Give us a call at (859)962-4000.

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