This was my fourth trip to Atlanta. I went with my kids Andi and Joey when they were young, my husband about four years ago, Andi and her best friend Sophie two years ago and just Joey, who is 16, earlier this month. This was mine and Joey’s first mother/son only trip and it was great.

We are lucky enough to have friends in Atlanta to stay with. With only living eight hours away, I have driven twice and flown twice. Joey and I flew on Frontier Airlines for only $35 each, round trip. I lucked out by finding a flash sale. We packed in a backpack that fit under the seat so no baggage fees were required. We didn’t pay for assigned seats but still ended up sitting next to each other on both flights.

I have seen and done a lot in Atlanta and surrounding areas since I have been there so many times. So here are my seven favorite things to do in Atlanta.

  1. Take movie tour with Atlanta Movie Tours. I have been on two; The Hero Tour and the Victory Tour. The Victory Tour was a three hour guided tour of several spots where the Hunger Games movies were filmed. We even got to hang out in President Snow’s “mansion.” The Hero Tour was a three hour guided tour of where several superhero movies were toured. We saw where they played basketball in Black Panther, where Peter Parker stopped the bank robbers and ate with Aunt May, where the Avengers headquarters is located, shooting locations from Ant Man and the Avengers Infinity War and so much more. We also drove by several sets where filming was actively taking place. We didn’t spot anyone famous but it was still fun to see the production. Next time I’m in Atlanta, I want to take the Zombie Tour, which will mostly focus on The Walking Dead.

    This is the Avengers Headquarters

  2. Visit the Atlanta Zoo. We really loved the openness of this zoo. The pandas were so much fun to watch.
  3. Visit the World of Coca-Cola. I have been there twice. We were able to see Coca-Cola memorabilia, old commercials, the bottling process and more. Our favorite part though is the tasting room! There are more than 100 flavors from around the world to try. Joey’s favorites were from South America and mine were from Asia. Warning: the one from Italy tastes like yucky medicine.

    Joey enjoying the Tasting Room at Coca-Cola.

  4. Visit the Georgia Aquarium. The aquarium is very large so you should expect to spend a couple hours there. We really enjoyed watching the dolphin show and the otters play.
  5. Drive to Stone Mountain. Stone Mountain is about 40 minutes outside of Atlanta and totally worth the drive.  We took the sky ride to top of the mountain to enjoy the beautiful skyline view of Atlanta. We took our time hiking down so we could enjoy the nature and views. The Sky Hike was so much fun. We walked on suspended wooden bridges, leaped from one plank to the other, balanced on single ropes high in the air and climbed on net bridges. We also enjoyed the train ride, farmyard, putt putt, playground and so much more. Definitely plan to spend an entire day here.

    Joey, Gina & Andi sitting on Stone Mountain.

  6. Visit the Municipal Market for food shopping and lunch. This 100 year-old market has at least a dozen eateries and several vendors to purchase meat, seafood and produce from. Our group of five enjoyed being able to pick our own thing for lunch instead of just choosing one restaurant.
  7. Visit Centennial Park. This park is like Smale Park on steroids. It has beautiful fountains, play areas and lots of history. You will often find street performers doing magic, playing music and drawing caricatures. You can grab lunch at a food cart. Make sure to ride the Skyview Atlanta while you are there. The Ferris Wheel towers 20 stories above the park.

I definitely suggest purchasing an Atlanta City Pass online before you go. The pass allows you to save 40 percent on Atlanta’s top attractions including several that I mentioned. There are several transportation options including taking the MARTA (train), the Atlanta Streetcar, Uber, Lyft and cabs or you can always rent a car.

What is your favorite thing to do in Atlanta? Happy traveling!

Written by Gina Stegner. Gina is the public relations coordinator for the Kenton County Public Library, has five children ranging from 16 to 16 in her blended family and loves traveling. 

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