Cosplay can have a more impactful meaning to different people, but in its most basic form it is wearing costumes in play (hence the mashing of words into one). I’ve seen cosplayers wear elaborate handmade outfits that have taken months to create, and store-bought costumes that they have saved up for. I’ve seen cosplay that has taken hours to apply and others that have been successfully taken from their own closest of street-wear. Easy or complicated- cosplay is what you make of it.

4 Ways the STREAM Center Can Help with Your Cosplay Needs!

1.)    Detail your leather goods using our Glowforge laser engraver!












2.)    Print an accessory for your furry companion with our 3-D printer! 

Dog Glasses


3.)    Use our sewing machines for your costume!

Cosplay Sewing










4.)    Use our soldering iron to light it up!












Don’t forget that these items in our STREAM Center require a 30-minute training before you’re allowed to book the equipment to use them. Reserve a time to be trained here.

Need an event to wear your cosplay attire? We will be hosting a Teen Cosplay Night at the Erlanger branch on Saturday, October 19th after hours from 6-8 PM!


By LeAnn Long, Teen Librarian






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