One of my favorite Autumn traditions is attending the Ohio Renaissance Festival. Starting Labor Day weekend and going through the end of October, I go at least two or three times. Full of shows, shops, and food, it’s always a fun time. Even just walking around the fairgrounds is enough on most visits, since there are people dressed in costumes, shops to explore, and beautiful scenery to enjoy. There is also a parade around mid-day where all the employees and shop owners will walk the entire fairgrounds — you can see the Queen up close!


One part of the fairgrounds

I recommend getting there early, right as the festival opens so you can watch the employees welcome the attendees. Queen Elizabeth and her subjects stand atop of the entrance (which looks like a castle) and yell down to the people waiting to get in. It’s funny and sets the tone for the entire fair.

One shop was letting people hold a falcon. They also put on a show at a nearby stage.


My favorite part is the joust. Normally there are three jousts a day. These are real, not staged, performed by real athletes. It’s thrilling and entertaining and it’s always a different show — since it is an actual joust, anything can happen. Whenever I go I have to watch at least one of the jousts. You really can’t see anything like it anywhere else around here.

The start of the joust. 


If you are looking for something to do on a nice fall weekend, I highly recommend going to the Ohio Renaissance Festival. Eat a turkey leg, see one of the many shows, and buy some crafty merchandise. There’s something for everyone.

The Ohio Renaissance Festival is in Waynesville, Ohio which is a little over an hour from northern Kentucky. It is open 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) until October 27. Adult tickets are $23.00 and kids up to 12 are $9.50.

Written by Lisa Clark, patron experience department library associate.

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