• empty paper towel roll
  • 3 pieces of cardstockdark blue
    • light blue
    • brown
  • frog print off
  • glue stick
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • 2 paperclips



  1. take the dark blue card stock sheet and lay it down on your work station “landscape”. Then take the ruler and make a mark every two inches, you want to create five columns. From the top to the bottom draw a straight line for guided cutting. Do the same for the light blue and brown cardstock sheets. PDF for the frogs I used: Five Green Speckled Frogs
  2. On the light blue cardstock, between the newly drawn lines take creative liberty and draw a wave across the page. It can be one continuous wave, or 5 small waves that all look the same.
  3. On the brown card stock, go up about two inches and cut lengthwise along the paper, you should have 2-inches x 2-inches brown squares.
  4. Cut out all the green frogs, waves, and blue strips.
  5. Take the blue strips and make a small glue strip on one of the ends, fold it over (without creasing), it should make a teardrop shape. Repeat step for all 5 strips.
  6. Starting from the middle of the rounded edge, glue a brown square on each of the 5 teardrops. From there, glue a frog on top of the brown square.
  7. Flipping the teardrop over you want to put the wave on the opposite side, make it flush with the square part of the teardrop, where you glued it together earlier in step 5.
  8. Your teardrops are now ready for the tube, simply slide each one on, putting a paperclip on each end between uses to ensure all pieces stay together.


Written by: Teresa Curtis, outreach programmer at the Kenton County Public Library, and Pete the Cat’s #1 Fan!

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