With summer in full swing it’s time to work on the garden! (when it’s not 100 degrees out). Have you ever heard of a fairy garden? A fairy garden is a small “garden” with whimsical figurines like dwarfs, fairies, cottages and other small items. They are lots of fun to create! Did you know you can make a fairy garden using 3D printed figurines? Small figurines can be pretty pricey at the store but using the 3D printer at the STREAM center allows you to print out small items to put in your fairy garden! Below is how I created my fairy garden:

I started with a pot, some soil and 2 small moss plants from the garden store. I then went to the STREAM center for some help! The STREAM center staff showed me a website called Thingiverse were you are able to download 3D modeled objects to print. I found small mushrooms, fairies, stepping stones, a bridge and more. I filled out a 3D print request form and gave it to the STREAM center staff and they gave me a call when my prints were completed. I specifically asked for them to print some of the objects in white so that I could paint over them. I decided to add a rock and also a plastic cap (from an old drink) to create a pond.

Some of the items I 3D printed:

3D printed fairy & bridge:

The completed project:


Whether it’s a fairy garden, pencil holder, chess set, key chain, etc. There are SO many things that you could 3D print. I suggest checking out Thingiverse OR 3D modeling your items and then contacting the staff at the STREAM center. They are super helpful and can answer any questions you have!

Learn more about 3D printing at the STREAM center. It costs .10 cents per gram to print and you can get your item printed in a variety of colors. Check it out!

Below are some book recommendations (for the whole family) to get you inspired to create a fairy garden!

Miniature Gardens: design and create miniature fairy gardens, dish gardens, terrariums by Katie Elzer-Peters

Fairy Houses…unbelievable! by Barry & Tracy Kane

Fairy houses: how to create whimsical homes for fairy folk by Sally J. Smith

Fairy world crafts by Kathy Ross

What is the future of 3D printing? by Hal Marcovitz

3D printing projects by Karyn Gerhard

3D printing for dummies by Richard Horne

Thumbelina by Sylvia Long

Pinkalicious: fairy house by Victoria Kann

Magical secret garden by Cicely Mary Barker






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