Summer Reading Celebration is in full swing at the Kenton County Public Library.  Stop by any of our branches to pick up your book log or visit to register.  People of all ages are encouraged to join the fun.

If you happen to be visiting the Erlanger Branch, make sure to view the cardboard castles in our display cases in the front lobby.  Staff members and volunteers handcrafted these fantasy creations to tie in with our summer reading theme: “Imagine Your Story.” Kids of all ages (and kids at heart) will enjoy viewing the colorful fortresses.

This castle has amazing detail work.  The “stonework” around the windows, the battlements on the turrets, and the coat of arms on the front wall are elements that add to the whimsy of this piece.

I’m not sure if purple castles exist in real life, but we have one in our display case.  This one is a real gem with lots of thoughtful details, such as the thatched roofs and aqua-colored flags.

The front door is a real showstopper!

The curtains are made from real fabric.

Our next castle has a green pet dragon living on its roof.  The pinecone creature guards this marvelous structure against invaders.

The turrets, flags, and “wooden” front door are an impressive sight.  As you can see, this dwelling is surrounded by water to help fortify it.

We have lots of books at the library on castles, knights, dragons, princesses, and other topics to capture your imagination.  You may also check out any of the books in the display cases – just ask a staff member.

Inspiration for the castles came from Pinterest, but staff and volunteers put their own inventive touches on the projects.  To get started on your own majestic design, click here and here.  You may have many of the materials in your home already – this is a great way to recycle common items that you may otherwise throw away.  Happy crafting!

We hope to see you at the library this summer!

Written by: April Ritchie

April is the Patron Experience Coordinator at the Erlanger Branch.  She loves creating memorable experiences for library visitors.


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