Famous Authors 

If these authors’ names look familiar, they should.  Actors, rappers, athletes, and even weathermen have written novels, short stories, urban fiction, and mysteries. Here are a few to checkout.   

Tom Hanks 

Uncommon Type:  Some Stories 

This book is an engaging series of short stories by actor Tom Hanks. He is an avid collector of typewriters.  And, yes, each and every story features a typewriter.  


50 Cent and K’wan 


Rapper 50 Cent partnered with leading urban fiction authors –  including K’wan – to release more than a dozen books over a five-year period.  

Marcia Clark 

Guilt by Association 

Write about what you know.  So she did.  O.J. Simpson prosecutor Marcia Clark created a really well-written Mystery series featuring prosecutor Rachel Knight.  First book in the ongoing series.  Also look Clark’s four-book Samantha Brinkman. Covering California crime from both sides of the coin.

Sara Evans 

The Sweet By and By 

Down home country singer Sara Evans shares the joy of a down home family. First entry in her three-book Songbird series. 


Lauren Graham

Someday, Someday, Maybe

Successful actor(Lauren Graham) introduces to us to struggling actor (Franny Banks) in her quest for fame in 1990’s New York City.

Joan Rivers 

Murder at the Academy Awards 

The late Joan Rivers wrote about she knew best.  Her mystery novel is set, where else, on a classic Hollywood red carpet. 

Blair Underwood 


Actor Blair Underwood teams with a husband & wife writing team to launch the Tennyson Hardwick series.  In book one in the series, we meet Ten Hardwick –actor and amateur sleuth – in a fast-paced adventure.   

But wait, there’s more.  Check the library catalog for fiction books by these famous names: 

Jimmy Buffett 

Bill Clinton 

David Duchovny 

Ethan Hawke 

Mike Lupica 

Willie Nelson 

Elliott Roosevelt 

Gil Scott-Heron 

William Shatner 

Margaret Truman 

Willie Nelson

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