Do you miss going to the movies as much as we do?! Watching previews, eating snacks, being a part of another world for a few hours… There’s something magical about going to the theater! Luckily, the Kenton County Public Library is hosting several drive-ins over the next few months, so you will be able to watch movies on the big screen again 

The William E. Durr branch in Independence is having a Drive-In Movie Night on September 26th at 8pm! Tickets are required and will be available at the drive-thru window at Durr starting September 8th. You won’t want to miss it as we will be watching The Nightmare Before Christmas! 

The Erlanger branch is having a Drive-In Theater Extravaganza on October 2nd at 7:15pm! Registration begins September 18th. Check our website for the announcement of what movie we’ll be watching! 

The Covington branch is having a Spooky Night Drive-In on October 9th at 7pm. Stay tuned for more information! 

To pass the time while you wait for the drive-ins, here are some books about movies! Click on any picture to place the item on hold.


This book is a must-have for all movie lovers! Selected and authored by a team of international film critics, every profile is packed with details, plot summaries and production notes, and little-known facts relating to the film’s history.

Profiles one hundred of the best movies ever made throughout the world, from the silent film era to the twenty-first century, discussing central themes, characters, actors, and directors.

Ever been crushed to learn your favorite movie — or a new one you’re dying to see — has been given the big green splat from Rotten Tomatoes’ infamous Tomatometer? The site’s editors stand by their critics and scores, but they also feel your pain: Fresh films shouldn’t get all the glory! In this book, the Rotten Tomatoes team celebrates 101 Rotten movies that can’t be missed.

From Snow White to Moana, from Pinocchio to Frozen, the animated films of Walt Disney Studios have moved and entertained millions. But few fans know that behind these groundbreaking features was an incredibly influential group of women who fought for respect in an often ruthless male-dominated industry and who have slipped under the radar for decades.

A collection of iconic and whimsical moments from the creations of some of Pixar’s most popular films includes illustrated gags that were edited from final versions.

An assessment of the making of Nora Ephron’s revered trilogy, ‘When Harry Met Sally,” “You’ve Got Mail,” and “Sleepless in Seattle” shares an intimate portrait of the writer’s life and her enduring influence on a generation of Hollywood women.

Showcases movie monsters captured on film and provides an insider’s perspective of making horror movies.

Profiles over three hundred of the film industry’s biggest stars, providing brief biographies, lists of works by date, and award nominations and wins.

Ten directors of the world’s major film festivals were each asked to nominate the best emerging film directors from the past five years. Essays feature one film by each director, along with film stills, on-set photographs, and posters.

Spanning several generations from newcomers to Oscar Award-winning veterans this volume features a discussion of the movies that shaped the careers of these filmmakers and, in turn, cinema history.

From one of the masters of twentieth-century cinema, an indispensable and entertaining guide to a visionary new form of moviemaking that can be appreciated by the avid film buff and general movie lover alike.

A critic and historian who has been watching cinema for seventy years and has seen almost nineteen thousand films presents a tour of his favorite movies, highlighting forgotten treasures and explaining what makes a film a hit or a flop.

Leonard Maltin is America’s best-known film historian and film reviewer. In this book, Maltin opens up his personal archive to take readers on a fascinating journey through film history.

The celebrity chef from the YouTube cooking series of the same name offers recipes based on episodes of popular shows and movies.


We can’t wait to see you at the drive-ins!

 Written by Ashley Rectenwald Heizer, Library Associate at Durr and constant movie-watcher.

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