See the USA!


While it not possible to safely travel around our great country at this moment, it IS possible to see some of the most popular tourist sites while at your computer via live webcams.
If you like to visit our great National Park system go to and search by the park name or just search for the list of webcams. For more webcams all around the country check out EarthCam  and search by state.

Below is a list of a few of the live views you can access. Simply click on the location to be linked to the webcam!  Besides seeing these places, it is interesting to see the effects that stay at home directives have had in some of these areas. Some of the cameras have sound as well, check out the Niagara Falls site and listen to the powerful rush of the water over the falls. Many of these places also have virtual tours you can take and further explore the area.

Below each location is a link to eBooks that are in the KCPL collection. Each book is connected to the location; either in setting or story.

Safe Travels!

San Francisco bay

Seattle Space needle 

Gatlinburg, TN

Chicago lakefront

Key West, FL

St. Louis Gateway Arch

NYC 9/11 memorial

Las Vegas strip

New Orleans Bourbon St.

Graceland (Memphis, TN)

Disneyland (Anaheim, CA)

Washington, D.C.

Statue of Liberty/NYC skyline

Hollywood Boulevard 

Aspen, CO

Niagara Falls

Miami Beach



Submitted by Chris Walters: Retired teacher, part time library associate and prog/sci-fi fan. Also, I was pretty good at the See the USA game shown above! 

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