The Orange House at 707 Greenup Street

Over the summer the staff of the Local History and Genealogy Department will be posting a blog to go along with the stops for our virtual walking tour A Rainbow of Kenton County Houses. The blogs will highlight local history and genealogy resources available at the Kenton County Public Library, in-depth looks at the history of the property or its inhabitants, and/or research strategies. The special virtual walking tour is available to watch on the Kenton County Public Library Facebook page and YouTube channel. You can also head to our Instagram for a special post related to the tour!

Our tour stop this week focused on this beautiful orange house at 707 Greenup Street and the Von Lepel and Mitchell families. One of the resources I used to research these families was our geNKY (genealogy Northern Kentucky) database. This database has a large collection of local history content including indexes to church records, cemetery records, school records, local history files, and family files.  geNKY is where you can find the Linden Grove Cemetery records collection.  This collection contains over 37,000 records of burials at Linden Grove Cemetery between 1858-1998.

Using these records I was able to locate the burial information for George A. Mitchell, and his wife Margaret Mitchell (see below).

Burial cards can tell us helpful information about the person. These records show residence, birth location, date of death, undertaker or funeral home, and burial location within the cemetery. Not all records in this collection contain all these details, but it is worth looking at cemetery records for information about your ancestors. Also, it’s important to note, that Margaret is listed as “Mrs. George A. Mitchell” instead of her first name. It is very common for women during this time period to be listed under the name of their husband.

This blog was written by Cierra Earl, MA of the Local History and Genealogy Department at Covington. If you have any questions about researching a historic property or genealogy research please email us at

Watch the tour of the orange house on Youtube.

The next virtual tour stop will be on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 @ 2 PM on our Facebook and YouTube page. We will look at the history of 1213 Greenup Street, a yellow house.

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