Congrats to all our Ghostly Guests & Scary Stories: Haunt Your Library Contest winners! We had 280 students throughout Kenton County submit either 2D art, Prose, Poetry or Spoken Word.

First Place Winners
Grade Level Category Name School Title
1st grade Poetry Leo V. Holy Cross Elem Skeleton
2nd grade Prose Jagger K. R.C.Hinsdale The Mansion
3rd grade Prose Ellington J. Homeschool Water Tower Alien
4th grade 2D Art Mckinley G. Ludlow Independent  Taco
5th grade Prose Langston G. Holy Cross Skeleton Man’s Army
6th grade Poetry Lexie L. St. Henry School Halloween
Poetry Chole R. Homeschool Zombies
7th grade Prose Mallory H. St. Henry School The Kids on the Brick Street
8th grade Prose Jake M. St. Henry School A Hand on my Shoulder
9th grade Prose Luke T. Covington Latin A Rat’s Repast
10th grade Prose Nicolette C. Notre Dame Academy The Siren of Siglufjörður
11th grade 2D Art Monty L. Holy Cross No Title
12th grade Poetry Claire W. Keystone Online School Rotting Away
Second Place Winners
Grade Level Category Student School Title
1st 2D Art Giovanni D. Scarecrow of Hamilton
2nd Poetry Charlotte M. homeschool Halloween Poem
4th Prose Will G. Beechwood The Haunted Mansion
5th Poetry Bea A. Villa Madonna Academy Wizard’s Potion
6th Poetry Brady K. St. Henry School Halloween Fun
7th Poetry Kara W. St. Henry School She
8th Prose Opal C. Community Montessori THAT’S NOT A BIRTHDAY CAKE
9th Prose Blaise P. Covington Latin School. Walls Breached
10th Prose Sophia E. Notre Dame Academy No Title
10th Prose Allison K. Notre Dame Academy No Title
Third Place Winners
Grade Level Category Student School Title
3rd 2D Art Uriah M. Mary A. Goetz Elementary Pumpkin Spice
4th Prose Millie W. Beechwood The Sweet Demise
4th Prose Ellie G. Beechwood The Final House
5th 2D Art Tenor J. Homeschool Owl
6th Prose Kenadi S. St. Henry School The Cabin of the Rocking Chair
7th Prose Ava M. St. Henry School No Title
8th Prose Elliot M. Covington Classical Academy Little Friends
9th Poetry Bella C. Covington Classical Academy The Fair
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