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How to Prep School Lunch

Life is busy as a mother of four boys between the ages of 2 and 10 and stepmom of a teen girl. For the past two school years I allowed my boys to get lunch at school since it is provided for free to all students. I thought this was a great way to save money and assumed they were getting a decent meal but they always came home starving. They would eat a such a large snack that they didn’t want dinner but would be hungry again by bedtime.                   The school offered free breakfast and lunch over the summer and since my children were attending a summer program, I allowed them to eat there. Again, they would come home hungry. I know my children are bottomless pits, but this was over the top. I discovered the portions were more snack size than meal size. Lunch included a choice of two cheese filled bread sticks, a Trix yogurt or two pieces of sliced cheese, as well as milk, fruit and a vegetable. This just wasn’t enough to get them through the day. This year is full of changes for my family, which includes a new school. Their new school doesn’t offer free meals for everyone, so breakfast is 75 cents and lunch is $2. The menu is very similar to their old school, so I decided they will be packing most days since full bellies, allowing them to focus on learning, is important to me. In the past, we let them pack for themselves, but they would take at least 10 minutes to do so and what they chose wasn’t always the best lunch. This year [...]

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Theater in Cincinnati

Have you been to any good plays lately? What about a musical or ballet? We have a lot of great options for theater in the Greater Cincinnati area. Here are some of my favorites! Broadway in Cincinnati- I have had the opportunity to see many Broadway shows at the Aronoff downtown with friends and my husband. My favorite is probably Wicked. I actually was able to purchase lottery seats for $25 and sat in the front row. It was truly amazing. The show is basically a prequel to the Wizard of Oz and will give you an entirely different perspective of the original movie. I wanted to see it over and over and definitely plan to see it again when it returns to Cincinnati. We have also seen A Christmas Story, School of Rock, The King and I and Aladdin. They were all fantastic! A Christmas Story was really exciting for me since it is my all time favorite Christmas movie (well, tied with Elf). I can quote the most of the movie. The actors portrayed the Parker family perfectly. We are looking forward to seeing the rest of this season's musicals including Ronald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Play that Goes Wrong, Rent, Fiddler on the Roof, Hamilton, On Your Feet, Miss Saigon, Dear Evan Hanson and Cats. You can find the dates and tickets to all of these shows here. Surprisingly, I have never seen Cats so I am really looking forward to this show. Actually, I'm looking forward to all of them! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory coming to Broadway in Cincinnati.                                 [...]

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Exploring Michigan

The library can be a great resource for planning your next vacation to anywhere in the world. Our staff can help you find travel books to your destination and can direct you to some online vacation resources. You can also checkout items from the library that you might want/need on your vacation. You can check out a Canon DSLR camera to capture your vacation memories and we also have a metal detector that I wish I would have placed on hold because that would have been something fun to do while on the beach. The wifi hot spots we have available for checkout can be great for a long car ride with kids. We also have different lawn games available for check out which would be great additions to a camping trip or a stay at the beach. You can visit our Library of Things for a complete list. Here are some photos from my family’s vacation to South Haven, Michigan. I highly recommend this vacation spot to anyone who enjoys the sand but dislikes salt water.  It’s the best of both worlds.  You can dig your feet in the sand and avoid the salt water. The kids had a blast running along the beach and kicking sand in the air. Lake Michigan is cold at the beginning of June but that didn’t stop the big kids from jumping in!                  David (left) & Collin (right); cousins/best buds.   Beach Frisbee anyone? A lawn game from the library would also have been a great addition to our vacation. Pier at North Beach   Downtown South Haven is a shopper’s paradise. Also, if you are a connoisseur of food [...]

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Pep up Your Party with the Stream Center

Hosting a party can be expensive but the STREAM Center and Maker Spaces at the Kenton County Public Library can make it more affordable. Start by making the invitations for free in the STREAM Center at the Erlanger Branch. You can reserve the letterpress by clicking here. I ordered a personalized poster from etsy (electronic version only) for my husband's 50th birthday. The design cost less than $10. I was able to print in on the poster printer for about $15. It even has a sticky back so I was able to hang it with no tape. To make it better, we can use it over and over thanks to the sticky back. You could use any design you create as well. All you pay for is the material you use. You must schedule an appointment by clicking here. I ordered a vinyl banner online when my daughter graduated last year. With coupons, it cost about $30. It would have definitely cost less at the STREAM Center since I would have only paid for materials. This 3x4 banner cost $16.50 in the STREAM Center. You can also make party favors for on the 3D printer or button maker for a minimal cost. Key chains made on the 3D printer. These key chains cost about $1 each. You could make the design of your choice. The batman cookie cutter was also made on the 3D printer.   I made buttons from special pictures of my husband and family members to give to our party guests who attended his birthday party. Buttons cost 15 cents each.   Does your party have a theme? Or your child have a favorite animal? [...]

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See ya’ later Munch

Munch was only a few pounds when he came to the Library. He is now 50. The Kenton County Public Library staff welcomed Munch the tortoise to the Durr Branch in 2014. The then three pound turtle had plenty of room to grow and move around. But as time went on, Munch grew and grew. The staff built a new home for him but he eventually outgrew that as well. Munch has grown so much, 50 pounds, that he is too big to live at the library. After many discussions and tears, it was decided Munch needed a new home where he could continue to grow and have space to move around. Luckily the Ark Encounter agreed to take him. Munch is scheduled to move today, July 9, 2018. Once he gets settled in, people can visit him at the Ark. Many of our patrons are sad Munch is leaving. Please know this was not an easy decision and was done in the best interest of Munch. Staff has had so much fun with him over the years. I personally had the opportunity to work with Munch on several occasions. Munch loves basketball so he made his own bracket the last few years. I had the opportunity to work with him on Munch Madness. You can watch the video here. Other staff members worked with Munch to depict what a day in the life of Munch is like. You can watch that video here. Munch truly has a personality of his own, which is why we started Tortoise Tuesdays on social media. We had to show off his cuteness.                             [...]

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Kids Learn New Hobbies at the Library’s Maker Camp

Alice and Maggie Hair have a new hobby thanks to Maker Camp at the Erlanger Branch of the Kenton County Public Library. The twins attended the Maker Camp - Rug Weaving program in June. They learned how to make their own looms and weave.                                       They loved it so much that they had their mom Sarah help them make looms at home.                                     Maker Camp is offered every Thursday in July, August 2 and August 9 for  children ages 7 and older from 6-7:30 pm in the STREAM Center at the Erlanger Branch. Each week has a different theme: July 5th - Print Making July 12th - Build a Tiny House July 19th - Playdough Test July 26th - Circuits, Circuits and More Circuits! August 2nd - Balloon Hovercraft August 9th - Paper Roller Coaster Maker Camp is a great way to beat the heat or the rain. The children will learn a new skill while having fun and the rest of the family can pick up a few books and movies. Visit for more information.          

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Traveling Atlanta

This was my fourth trip to Atlanta. I went with my kids Andi and Joey when they were young, my husband about four years ago, Andi and her best friend Sophie two years ago and just Joey, who is 16, earlier this month. This was mine and Joey's first mother/son only trip and it was great. We are lucky enough to have friends in Atlanta to stay with. With only living eight hours away, I have driven twice and flown twice. Joey and I flew on Frontier Airlines for only $35 each, round trip. I lucked out by finding a flash sale. We packed in a backpack that fit under the seat so no baggage fees were required. We didn't pay for assigned seats but still ended up sitting next to each other on both flights. I have seen and done a lot in Atlanta and surrounding areas since I have been there so many times. So here are my seven favorite things to do in Atlanta. Take movie tour with Atlanta Movie Tours. I have been on two; The Hero Tour and the Victory Tour. The Victory Tour was a three hour guided tour of several spots where the Hunger Games movies were filmed. We even got to hang out in President Snow's "mansion." The Hero Tour was a three hour guided tour of where several superhero movies were toured. We saw where they played basketball in Black Panther, where Peter Parker stopped the bank robbers and ate with Aunt May, where the Avengers headquarters is located, shooting locations from Ant Man and the Avengers Infinity War and so much more. We also drove by several sets where filming was actively taking place. We [...]

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Summer Reading Club 2018

Summer Reading Club kicks off June 2 at the Kenton County Public Library! Children, teens and adults can read for prizes all summer long. Here is what you need to know: The Kickoff events will take place on Saturday, June 2 at each branch. Covington's event is from noon-4 pm and includes a magician, the Tim Watson Trio, a history-inspired craft, face painting, balloon artists, carnival games, a showing of "Toy Story" and free Snappy Tomato Pizza. Durr's event will take place from 12:30 to 2:30 and includes the Bones of Cincinnatus, face painting, games and free Snappy Tomato Pizza. Erlanger's event takes place from 1-3 pm and includes the Discovery Dome Planetarium from the Lexington Living Arts and Science Center, a bounce house, creating fabric wall hangings, face painting, tattoos, scratch art, coloring pages, a photo board, tech toy time in the STREAM Center, a prize walk, bubbles and free Snappy Tomato Pizza. The teens will have their own special kickoff on Friday, June 1. Children, teens and adults can read for prizes but the rules vary a little. Children (ages 2-12) - Pick up a book log at the Library or register online and start reading or listening to books. After 5 books or 2.5 hours of reading, receive a book prize. After 10 books or 5 hours of reading receive a T-shirt designed by local award-winning illustrator Becca Stadtlander or a drawstring backpack while supplies last. You will also be able to enter the raffle to win a grand prize. Teens - Read or listen to any book or magazine or attend any program to enter. Enter at the website or by visiting a branch. One winner per branch will be drawn [...]

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I’ve Graduated from College… Now What?

In the midst of my last semester of college at Northern Kentucky University, I wrote an editorial for the school paper about the job seeking process and all the things I wish I had learned in college. The article was a humorous piece, but at the time, I didn't find some of it very funny. I wish I still had that item so I could share with everyone now. The new 2018 graduates would know that they aren't alone and not much has changed since 1997. I double majored in journalism and speech communication. I was executive editor of the school newspaper and president of the speech team. I had an amazing internship that allowed me to be the media relations person on call, write news releases, speak to the media and much more. Finding a job should be easy, right? Ha ha ha! I started the job search in February or March of that year, knowing I'd graduate in May. I wanted a job in public or media relations. I made a list of all the places I thought I would like to work and found the names of each company's PR person. I contacted every one of them and scheduled informational meetings. I'd bring my resume and ask them to look over it, thinking that there were no mistakes. During the meetings, I asked about their job, what they liked, didn't like and what advice they had for me. I left copies of my resume for them to forward to anyone they knew hiring. I always followed up with a handwritten thank you note. Although I didn't get a job offer through any of these meetings, I did make a lot of great [...]

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8 Spring Break Ideas without Breaking the Bank

Spring Break is next week for most schools in Kenton County. Taking an entire week off work or financing a trip to the beach can be difficult so we have ideas that won't break the bank, or require you to take more than a day or two off work. 1.) The Kenton County Public Library - Schedule time to learn how to use the equipment in the STREAM Center, attend the movie showings each day at the Durr Branch or attend our off-site program at Lincoln Ridge Park Mini Camp:Soils, Mud and Plants. This program will be held Monday and Tuesday, April 9 & 10, at shelter three from 10-noon to explore soils, mud and plants. There will be different activities each day and you will get messy. Be sure to check the calendar of events for other programs like ACT Math Review, Anime Club, Engineering Club, Chess Club and more. You can also come to the library just to check out books, movies and games. Don't forget to take a look at our Library of Things for unique items you can borrow! 2.) The National Museum of the US Air Force - This museum is free and only an hour drive from Northern Kentucky. It is the oldest and largest military aviation museum in the world. It is located on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio. Visitors can actually climb aboard some of the planes, see lots of memorabilia and try out the flight simulators.   3.) Booneshoft Museum of Discovery - Admission is between $11.50 and $14.50 at this interactive science museum in Dayton, Ohio. The kids will have hours of fun with the science on a sphere, the tree house, tidal pool and discovery zoo exhibits.  4.) COSI [...]

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