Trip to Chicago – Hannah Ash

I never thought that I'd be one to take a trip to any big cities, but when news came out that one of my favorite bands was playing at Soldier Field on May 12th, I found myself planning a weekend trip to Chicago, Illinois. My best friend and I went to Chicago to see the k-pop group BTS, and while we might not have gotten to do a lot of the tourist ideas we had planned because we were standing in merchandise lines for hours on end, we were still able to see some pretty beautiful sights. Including the famous, what seems to be "land of windmills" on the drive up, and some amazing artwork from the Art Institute of Chicago (some of which everybody is sure to recognize).     During our weekend in Chicago, it was a chilly 45 degrees the entire time, along with being rainy and, naturally, windy. It made for slightly uncomfortable walks, but easy ones at the same time. Coming from an urban city in Northern Kentucky, and then suddenly being in a city where transportation is expensive, walking becomes second nature. We walked 8 miles the first day, and 6 miles the second day, and it was a shock to see we had walked that far when all we were doing was going from point A to point B! Aside from the Art Institute, we of course wanted to make sure we saw the largest Chicago attraction: Cloud Gate (more commonly known as "The Bean"). It looks pretty wild looking up from underneath! As you can see from all the people around it, "the bean" is rather large. For a personal size reference, I have included a picture [...]