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5 Reasons to Travel to Iceland

  I traveled to Iceland in September 2019. Here are my 5 top highlights and things I learned: 1. Beaches When I thought about Iceland, beaches didn't come to mind. However, the coast of Iceland is beautiful! I visited Reynisfjara Beach which is famous for its black sand and basalt spires. Watch out for the sneaker waves though while you’re trying to grab a picture- we saw more than one unlucky individual suddenly in cold water up to their thighs. Another noted beach is Diamond Beach, also a black sand beach, where icebergs run ashore. 2. Snorkeling/Diving The excursion I was most hesitant about was snorkeling in Þingvellir National Park at the Silfra Fissure. However, it turned out to be a beautiful experience. There, we were able to look underwater at the space in between the North American Tectonic Plate and the Eurasia Tectonic Plate. It is a famous location with some of the clearest water in the world- you don’t have to worry about an obstructed view. While chilly, the excursion ended up being one of the most educational of the trip! No, this is not the same as the beach- Silfra Fissure is inland at a lake!   3. Waterfalls Iceland has too many beautiful waterfalls to name. The largest and most famous being Gullfoss (on the left).                           4. Horseback Riding Icelandic horses are famous for their 5 gaits, be sure to use all of them! 5. People While touring the country, it can be easy to stay insulated in a tour group, or not venture outside your comfort zone. Instead, I urge you to talk to the people who [...]

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NKY Teen Writing Contest! Nov. 6th-Jan. 11th 2019

Hello! We have an exciting new opportunity for high school students (ages 14-18) in Kenton County, Boone County, Campbell County, and Hamilton County to participate in. The NKY Teen Writing Contest Kick-Off took place on November 6th 2018 and will last through January 11th 2019. The writing contest will consist of a 10-20 page short story or essay set in the NKY/Greater Cincinnati area. The 3 judges of this contest will be local authors Mike Due, Darryl Jouett, and Angel Musk. The prizes available for this contest will be a $500 first place prize, $300 second place prize, and $200 third place prize supplied by sponsor Arlinghaus Heating and Air. Stories will also be selected to be a part of an anthology that will be published and held with a book signing at Joseph Beth Booksellers for all included authors. In addition, the City of Erlanger will  recognize the winners. Rules: 10-20 pages double spaced 10-12 pt. Times New Roman/Arial font Title Page with author’s name included Story/essay must be set in NKY/Greater Cincy area Permission slip must be included with finished work if not turned in beforehand to LeAnn at the Erlanger branch library Here is the video that was taken from the Kick-Off event at the Erlanger branch of the Kenton County Public Library where Mike and Darryl (2 of the judges) talk about various rules and guidelines to keep in mind while writing your essay (no gratuitous violence/language, minimal spelling and punctuation errors, etc.): http:// Here is a video from a young author, Sydney Sparks who wrote and completed her first book in high school, and is a part of the group who created the contest:   Here are the Flyer [...]

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Harry Potter Wedding

  How to Plan a Harry Potter Wedding Andrew and I were deeply and irrevocably committed from our first meeting—to our deep and abiding love for Harry Potter that is. I knew with a kitschy wedding theme that I would have to tread carefully. I wanted my wedding to be fun, and have our personalities stamped front and center—yet not have the theme take away from the point of the day. We were there, for the most part, for a wedding. In the ceremony itself, the only aspect of HP that I implemented was our recessional song as we walked out of the church. As the instrumental song Hedwig’s Theme soared from the speakers, I heard appreciative chuckles from the audience. But ultimately, I did it for me. I would strongly recommend NOT allowing any part of the fandom into your ceremony/reception that you aren’t in love with. If you are only implementing a prop/song/food into your big day for the sake of fandom purity—please give yourself a break. The day is not meant to celebrate Harry Potter or Dr. Who or Star Wars. It is to celebrate you, so pick what you want. The Reception Music The entire dinner (an hour) was all instrumental music from the soundtracks to the many Harry Potter movies. My fiancé, sister, and I listened to all 7 soundtracks and picked our favorite songs by hand. That is dedication. Afterwards, it was music to make people dance. Candy Bar/Punch Table Our candy bar was inspired by Honeydukes, a candy shop in the Harry Potter books. We had golden snitches by adding wings to Ferrero Rocher chocolate covered hazelnuts. We had Twizzlers that were licorice wands. There was Double Bubble [...]

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