Family Fun Trip to St. Augustine, Florida

      This year my husband, Tim and daughter, Lilly and I decided to journey to St. Augustine, Florida for a fun and history filled beach vacation!   I highly recommend spending a day in downtown St. Augustine exploring the numerous shops and restaurants as well as the history of the city.  It is awe inspiring to be walking on streets and seeing houses and merchant shops that have been there since the late 1500s. Many are still lived in and/or used for business today.  The main street for shopping is St. George Street and the side streets around it. Downtown is very walkable. We parked at the Memorial Presbyterian Church parking lot near Flagler College. Parking is $10, cash only for all day. We found this to be one of the most reasonable places to park and all the money goes to the church. If you are lucky, there is some free parking on side streets but a lot of it is meter parking or restricted to residents only with parking permits.   Flagler College  (photo curtsey of is a huge part of the city. The shops and houses surround it and there are tours you can take of the college and its grounds. We did walk around this building and it is simple breathtaking in person. The students are used to tourists walking around taking photos.   One place that we really liked was Stubbees. This is a wonderful shop on Charlotte Street that sells small batch local honey including flavored honeys such as Bourbon Orange, which is wonderful to say the least. They also sell their own brand of lip balms, creamed honey and several honey beauty products.  Another sweet shop we liked was Zenos World’s [...]