Pre-K Circuits

If you were able to attend the World Maker and Inventor Expo at Boone County High School in 2019 we hope you had the chance to play with the circuits project created by Tim Peterson from our IT Department in Covington. This DIY project introduces beginner level skills in circuit building, soldering and 3D printing. When completed the project is perfect for supporting STEM education in a safe, fun and easy way for children (and adults) of all ages.   To find the models and links to purchases materials click here . If you need to access to a 3D printer the models can be printed at the Erlanger STREAM Center. For printing details call 859-962-4331. Below are the steps to construct your circuit. Step 1: Connect the red wire to the tip pin on the 1/4" connector.  Connect the black wire to the ground pin on the same connector.  Repeat for opposite connector. Connecting the 1/4" plugs allows electricity to pass between cylinders. Step 2: If you are adding an input device (button, switch, etc.) cut the black ground wire and connect it to the button/switch by connecting one of the black wires to the common pin and the other black wire to the normally open pin (NO). This prevents the circuit from being competed when the button is not pushed or the switch is flipped off. If you are adding an output device (buzzer, LED, magnet, etc.) solder the positive lead to any connector touching the red wire and the negative lead to any connector touching the black wire. For a beginner level soldering instructional video click here. Step 3: Attach the lid to the open end of the cylinder (hot glue, super [...]