Five Reasons Everyone Should Participate in Summer Reading

Summer is a great time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the warm weather. However, it's important to remember that summer is also an opportunity to continue learning and exploring new ideas. One of the best ways to do this is by participating in Summer Reading, opens a new window at the Kenton County Public Library, opens a new window

Participating in Summer Reading, opens a new window has many benefits for people of all ages. 

  1. Prevent summer learning loss: Studies have shown that students who don't engage in educational activities during the summer can experience significant learning loss. Participating in Summer Reading can help prevent this loss and keep your mind sharp.
  2. Develop a love for reading: The library's Summer Reading program provides incentives for completing reading goals, which can help motivate readers to pick up new books and explore new genres. By discovering new stories and authors, readers can develop a lifelong love for reading.
  3. Expand your knowledge: The Summer Reading Celebration offers themed programs and suggested reading lists encouraging readers to explore new topics and ideas. By reading diverse books, readers can expand their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.
  4. Connect with your community: The program offers events and activities that unite community members. By participating in these events, readers can connect with others who share their love of reading and learning.
  5. Free and accessible: The Kenton County Public Library is free and accessible to everyone, making the Summer Reading program a great way to engage in educational activities without breaking the bank. You can even participate online with Beanstack, the reading tracker app, making it easy to join from anywhere.

Participating in Summer Reading at the Kenton County Public Library from June 1-July 30 is a great way to stay engaged in learning, be entertained with free programs and books, connect with others and win fabulous prizes. You might discover your new favorite book!

Visit the website, opens a new window to learn more about this year's Summer Reading Celebration, opens a new window at the Kenton County Public Library. 

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